Monday, April 22, 2019

Girly Bits April 2019 CotM: Blooper Reel & April Fool's Gold

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Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend, whether or not you celebrate Passover or Easter. Otherwise, it was just a pretty weekend here! Before the month ends, you might want to grab the Girly Bits April CoTM. If you don't know, she releases a duo every month! Usually group members of her Facebook group suggest names and it's a fun little contests. Well you have just over a week to grab these, so let's show them off!

April Fool's Gold: 2 coats. April Fool’s Gold is a champagne holo with teensy weensie little gold flecks. If you've read my blog, you know I'm a huge lover of gold polish. This one is a pale gold but it is super holo! I love the addition of the darker copper gold flecks. It's definitely fool's gold. The formula was excellent and it was an easy two coats.

Bloopers Reel: 2 coats. Blooper Reel is a rich blue holo. This is the oopsie that I showed a month ago or so. It is pretty much a one coat wonder. It's nice when Pam, the maker, listens to her fans! She did preview this in the Facebook group and everyone wanted it! I did two coats, because at one coat, you could see my ridges. So if you want it to be a one coater (which it is!), wear a ridge-filling coat. Otherwise, this is super opaque! I did have a teeny bit of staining on my cuticle with removal, so just be careful.

Both of these polishes are 5 Free, cruelty free, and vegan. $16.50 CAD each (approx $12.40 USD). These are only available through May 1 so jump on it! I love me a gold polish so that's one I'll be reaching for a lot!

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  1. Both are stunning. I would paint my nails alternately with these shades!

  2. These are beautiful. I love a deep blue polish so that would be my choice.

  3. Both are beautiful, bu April Fools Gold is a stunner!

  4. April Fool's Gold is beautiful and the copper adds so much depth!

  5. Bloopers Reel is stunning. It would make a great base for a galaxy mani.

  6. That top color is amazing! I love how complex it is.

  7. April Fool's Gold is incredible! I'm really feeling this gold in particular!

  8. Wow, so pretty!! I'm down to painting my digits with some April Fool's Gold :D

  9. I seriously wish I had the length of your nails. Mine are all broken stubs right now.

  10. I really like Bloopers Reel. It's a beautiful sapphire blue that reminds me of what Dorothy Who? from China Glaze SHOULD have been.


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