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April 2019 Polish Pickup Offerings: Famous Works of Art

Press Sample

Happy April! I'm kicking the month off with Polish Pickup, which will debut on Friday! I have a few offerings, in addition to an IPU item. I can't even believe it's April already. For me, April is like the end of the year. Just one more month of teaching. Where does time go?! Anyway! I'm ready to kick off this month with some gorgeous polishes.

Alter Ego

Vega 200 Vasarely 1968: 2 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $8.50, no cap.
Inspiration: Victor Vasarely, considered to be one of the founding fathers of the Op Art movment, inspo photo attached.  I chose the green because it is not a color well represented at any time
Thoughts: This is a funky green and the combo of colors is really fun. When I saw the inspo, I was like yep! Just be aware that some of the flakes did stick up on my nails, so be careful with application.

Aurora Lacquer

The Quill of the Cock:  2 coats over black. 3 coats on its own.
Cost & Cap: $12, 75 US cap, 10 UK cap
Inspiration: AURORA is back with another flakie bomb for April! “The Quill of the Cock” is based on “Girl with Peacock Earrings” by paper artist Yulia Brodskaya. Her technique, called quilling, uses only paper and glue to create some AMAZING works of art and you’ll find all the colors from our inspiration in our polish for this month! A rainbow flakie explosion in a bottle, “The Quill of the Cock” also follows our peacock theme for Polish Con!
Thoughts: You can easily do one coat over a base color but I wanted total sparkle! Omg I love all the flakie rainbow goodness on this one!

Fiendish Fancies
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Martyr: 2 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $12, 75 for US and 15 for UK
Inspiration: Martyr in the Catacombs by Jules Cyrille Cave
Thoughts: This bronze to purple thermal is filled with shimmer and indigo flakes. I love the coloring of this. It's very unique and not something in my stash. The color really glows. In the sun, I was like WOW! The blue flakes pop against the base.

Girly Bits

I put this in because my customs center held this polish hostage and made me sad. THEN it arrived at my local PO and my post office marked it as delivered but never delivered it (along with two other packages). Sigh. I've already put in a complaint. Based on previews, this is gorgeous and I'm hoping I can edit this post if it comes in time. Cross your fingers for me!


Wave After Wave: 2 coats plus top coat. Magnetized on coat 2 and top coat. Outer nails un-magnetized.
Cost & Cap: $10, no cap.
Inspiration: Wave After Wave starts with a stormy base of gray with subtle lavender tones.  A strong coppery red to gold magnetic shimmer is set off by gold flakes, while bits of micro holo flakes add a hint of sparkle.  When used with a magnet, the base's lavender tones and gold flakes really take center stage. Or, use like a regular polish and let the coppery shimmer shine!
Thoughts: I love this. I left the outer nails alone because I wanted to show just how beautiful this is, even if you aren't into magnetic polishes. The coloring with that strong shimmer is stunning.

Stella Chroma

Reflecting Dali: 3 coats plus top coat. Magnetized on 2, 3, and top coat.
Cost & Cap: $12, no cap.
Inspiration: Salvador Dalí’s Swans Reflecting Elephants. He is one of my very favorite artists and a print of this painting adorned the wall of my dorm room in college! I love the rich colors of this piece. Reflecting Dalí has a black jelly base and is chock full of flakies. The star of the show are magnetic multichrome flakies that shift from gold to yellow to violet with green at more extreme angles. There are also a generous helping of bronze metallic flakies and aqua sparks. Can be worn alone in 2-3 coats for opacity or over a creme base. 
Thoughts: Magnetic rainbows basically. This is awesome. The dark base allows the other colors to pop. Isn't it gorgeous?! And it looks awesome against the inspiration.

Stella Chroma Beachwood Vertiver Emulsified Sugar Scrub
Cost and Cap: $5.50. for 2.5 oz jar, no cap
Scent Description: Beachwood Vertiver: Exotic scent of jasmine and coconut with carnation, vetiver, and a touch of eucalyptus. 
Thoughts: In addition to her polish, Stella Chroma will be offering her fabulous emulsified sugar scrub through Polish Pickup. I've reviewed this probably over a dozen times. Great formula and leaves my skin so smooth!

Indie Pickup

Cost and Cap: $12.50. for 4.35 oz jar, no cap
Scent Description: Coffee Body Polish is as moisturizing as our sugar scrub, but the addition of coffee grounds and turbinado sugar make it grittier and perfect for the less sensitive skin of the body. It’s fabulous for polishing feet, legs, and arms. Caffeine is known to tone the skin when used topically and this product will leave your skin glowing!
Inspiration: I love coffee and Van Gogh, so Café Terrace at Night seemed the perfect piece to tie in our Coffee Body Polish. We are offering it in our Straight Up scent. The pure glory of black coffee.
Thoughts: I reviewed this product HERE when it was first released and I've gone through two jars and plan to pick up more! I love coffee and this smells great but also leaves my skin refreshed and so soft. This is a great opportunity to purchase a smaller jar and give it a try (and I promise, you'll go back for a big jar!).

These polishes and scrubs will be available April 5th-8th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and $5 to Canada.

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Products in the post provided for honest review.

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  1. Um, I need that coffee scrub in my life stat! That KBShimmer magnetic is awesome.

  2. Thanks so much!! I appreciate all of your hard work and fingers are crossed that the GB (and the other packages) show up!

  3. REFLECTING Dali and The Quill of the Cock are my favorites! Such gorgeous polishes!

  4. The Quill of the Cock is amazing on its own and over black

  5. Coffee scrub is my jam. And The Quill of the Cock (my inner 12 year old can't stop laughing) is so pretty.

  6. I think I like The Quill of the Cock on its own the best (I also love the painting that inspired it, so...).

    1. I love quilling (well looking at it, I can’t do it) and this matches the inspiration so well!

  7. This is one of the few collections that doesn't really do it for me.

    1. It’s not a collection. Each maker picks an inspiration based off each month’s theme, so they are indepently released polishes

  8. I am definitely getting the KBShimmer and Stella Chroma!

  9. Reflecting Dali is giving off oil slick colourful vibes with the magnetic effect, and I am all about that! Well, from a colour standpoint, anyway!

  10. Thank you for your detailed review! All your manis and photos are fantastic!

  11. I’ve been in a weird mood lately where I just don’t want to buy polish, but of these Wave after Wave is my favorite.

  12. Wave After Wave is so pretty! And love Stella Chroma anything!

  13. The ones that interest me the most this month on the sugar scrub and coffee polish. My skin needs some love!

  14. I really want to pickup the Coffee body polish!!! This sounds devine and perfect for jump starting my day!

  15. That first alter ego shade is giving me alligator vibes 🤗

  16. i'm not crazy about the nail colors but now the coffee scrub, I could totally get down with that!!


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