Monday, July 9, 2018

Indie Expo Canada, Bath and Body Pt. 2

Press Sample

So I figured while my nails were growing out, I would continue to share some bath and body products. I shared the products of the VIP Bag HERE and today I'll be sharing press samples, which the makers gifted me as I met with them an interviewed them in my expo coverage HERE.

Here's an overview of the bath and body I received. It's a nice mix of products and nail care!

Inspired Sense gave me a nice offering of a bunch of their products in a variety of scents. The mani soaks are a soft floral scent and they are wrapped in three individual portions of mani soak.

These are two types of sugar scrubs. The left is a super moisturizing softer sugar scrub and it was a coconut macaroon type scent. The one on the right is filled with jojoba beans and much grittier and will be great to really get off the great skin. This one was a brownie scent. I think I like both of these for the winter months. 

I think this was my favorite product of the bunch and my favorite scent! I love the refreshing scent and the hydrating hand serum soaked in nicely and felt great!

This is a super rich hand moisture bar. It's so humid in NYC that it melted to the touch. It's filled with oils, so again, I'm saving this for the winter or I will sweat it off haha.

This is a cuticle oil sample in brownie scent. It was a nice cuticle oil. Soaked in nicely and smelled divine. 

The left is a cuticle balm, which has the consistency of a Burt Bee's type balm. You have to dig into it and rub it in. The right was a chocolate cherry mousse body butter. It's great for travel.

This is a mini eyeshadow from Clionadh. I don't have the name of this eyeshadow, but wow, it is gorgeous! It is so pigmented and depending on how you swipe your brush against the shadow, you can pick up different colors. It's a surprise in each swipe! Wish I bought a bigger size of this. If you know the name of this, please tell me! I think it's One-off 81 but I'm  not positive.

This was the IEC excusive trio from Cuter Cuticles. It includes a cuticle oil, cuticle oil, and cuticle barrier in the Lemon Cupcake scent. I'm not a lip gloss girl, so I'll be giving this to my mom as she will love the scent.

I also super love the scent. It smells like lemon sugar cookie! The oil is like any oil where you let it soak in. The barrier butter is very nice. It instantly melts when you touch it. Both the oil and barrier butter are items I would use at night time and let it soak in as they are filled with oils. Both are in my side table!

This is one of the newest offerings from Colors By Llarowe. This is a sugar and salt scrub that you can use all over your body. I used this on my hands and my hands were so soft. I plan on reserving this for after swatch sessions or in between swatch sessions of shimmery polishes!

I think people with scent sensitivities will like this as it is just the scents of the natural oils. I mostly smell the lemongrass and orange. Looks like this will be available on July 10 at 12pm MDT.

Below is the Whipped Soap in Peaches and Cream and the solid soap in Pineapple Delight from Terrah Essentials.

Peaches and Cream smells just as you would think--it's like a milky peaches scent. The soap is almost like a mix between soap and sugar scrub. It lathered up nicely. The scent didn't really stay on my skin, but it was nice to smell while using it in the shower. I'll probably use this while taking a bath.

Pineapple Delight is nice but I feel like I smell soap more than anything. Because I'm working through other soaps, I didn't want to be wasteful and open this yet. I hope the scent comes through more once you use it. There is pineapple extract so I feel like it will. 

So what product are you most interested in? Let me know in the comments!

Products in the post provided for honest review. 

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  1. Wow, so, I think I need all of this haha! My nails have been such a wreck lately, so those cuticle oils sound lovely!

  2. That sugar scrub looks really interesting. I need some cuticle rehab myself.


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