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Indie Canada Expo, Bath and Body Pt. 1, VIP Bag

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Today I'm sharing the bath and body contents of the VIP bag. You had the chance to upgrade your ticket from admission to VIP which allowed for earlier access to the event as well as a VIP bag filled with lots of mystery and surprise products. I have my entire review of the event HERE, especially if you want to see more about the makers involved.

Indie Canada Expo, Bath and Body Pt. 1, VIP Bag

If you ordered the VIP bag, here's the non-nail polish items you received. Nail/makeup glitter, a glass file, two wax samples, a soap (or a bath bomb--I've seen both), an eyeshadow, water decals, and face wash.  That's 8 items in addition to the 11 polishes I'll be sharing later.

I haven't actually opened and tested the soap products yet since I have so much soap and body wash that I'm currently finishing up.  I do love the presentation of this soap cupcake from SoGa and can't wait to open it. Right now, it has a nice professional seal. The smell is lovely. I love gourmand lemon scents! It smells like a lemon muffin!

This is a wax sample from Rogue. This scent was so strong. I smelled it as soon as I got my VIP bag. It permeated throughout everything. There's no label on the scent, but apparently this is Fresh Linen and Tuscan Herbs. I don't think this is a combination I personally like and it's just so strong. Presentation of the wax was a little messy. This was how it looked the day I got it.

This is a glitter mix from Green Glitter. You can use this on your nails or face! I plan to use it on my nails during autumn time or maybe Valentine's Day since the gold and pink give me those vibes!

Clionadh Cosmetics is a makeup company and they gave one full size eyeshadow in the VIP bag. I LOVE it! I really wish I had bought some colors but I barely shopped. This is a rich lilac shimmer shadow, with a touch of duochrome to it. This is Amethyst from the Birthstone Saga collection.

Below are two swatches from their shadows. I'll show you the top shadow on Monday. The lower shadow is Amethyst and this is one very light swipe. These shadows are super pigmented.

This is a nice mini glass file from Nail Stuff. Always great to have a mini to throw in your purse. Looks like they are a Canadian-based stockist.

Inspired Sense contributed nail decals with her own logo, which is a lotus (I think? Tell me if I am wrong!). Decals are super easy to use for art!

Under a Hula Moon contributed a wax sample and while I haven't melted it, I enjoy this scent. It's not too floral and smells summery. Truth bomb: I don't own a wax melter. I plan to put this in an empty candle jar and put it on a candle warmer LOL.

Next is the relief daily cleanser from Terrah Essentials. I only ever give honest reviews, so I have to give my honest review for this. First, this was used twice and you'll see the label is paper and falling apart. I have very rosy cheeks (almost like mild eczema) and really looked forward to this relief daily cleanser. I have an oily t-zone so I thought the tea tree oil would be great for it. I'll spare you the pictures of my face, which seemed to totally burn and break out in a huge rash. I had very visible red bumps all over my cheeks down to the top of my neck. Guys, it was bad. My cheeks were disgusting, itchy, and horribly bumpy. It took over a week for my face to calm down and get back to somewhat normal. A week!

I contacted the maker on 7/2 and haven't heard back as of publishing this post this morning. I asked a friend who works in skin care and she feels the essential oil content was too high and could have been the reason why the breakout/burn/rash occurred. I won't lie, this has sort of scarred me from indie skin care beyond sugar scrubs and soaps. So I am adding my cautionary warning to this product.

Edit on 7/20/18: I still have not heard back from this company, which very much disappoints me. I expected an explanation of how the product was tested before being sold or at least an apology. After this post, I received not one, but two messages with people who had similar or worse reactions. I do not recommend this company at all. 

So there you have it! I think there's a lot of versatile products, but like all sort of gift bags/mystery bags, there will be things you love and things that simply don't work for you. I think that's even more apparent with bath and body care vs nail polish.

Products in the post were given as part of the VIP Bag.

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  1. Such a shame about the face wash! But it’s cool that you got such a variety of products.

  2. I enjoy seeing indie brands. Hope we have something like this in Hawaii

  3. Ooh I hope your skin gets better soon!

  4. Oh my that shadow looks amazing! As does that soap!

  5. Ooh that lemon poppy seed soap sounds incredible - I'd be very tempted to buy a piece. This is my favorite muffin flavor!

  6. Thank you for your honest review! I've been wondering about this face cleanser, but have found no reviews ... until now! I have developed super-sensitive skin - as well as psoriasis on my forehead & between my brows - & products that I could depend on before, I've found out I can no longer use. I'm thrilled to have learned of your experience, especially so, as I was *about* to take it for a test-drive. Maybe I'll try it on my arm first ...


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