Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cosmoprof NA 2016 Day 1 Recap

Nothing to Disclose
For the third year in a row, I'm going to give you the lowdown of all that I saw (and am allowed to show you) at Cosmoprof. I usually divide it up by product category but this year, I decided that you should walk along with me as I did. This year, I saw A LOT of non-polish products. This isn't a look at EVERYTHING I saw because some booths I didn't take photos, but you'll be seeing products reviews. So let's walk a day in my shoes. **If there's a brand you're curious about and I haven't posted, let me know in the comments. I saw a lot so you never know!**

Morgan Taylor: I love meeting with them every year! I got to see the gorgeous Street Beat display, which is out now, in addition to the fall and Halloween collections. Morgan Taylor always has high quality cremes. They have a lot of fun collections coming out and I can't wait to post them. They also have a line of soaks coming out, which I'll be trying soon.

Red Carpet Manicure: They have some fun new products coming out. We stopped at this booth because of holo and glitter. Check out their adorable kits that are releasing. The holo kit is exclusive at Nordstrom. I also love the tote with coordinating nail polish. It's an easy way to create art to match your tote!

Ittse: I love stopping by ittse. Their displays are so whimsical. They have three new palette colors coming out as well as a few influencer collaborations. I'm excited to show you some of their gorgeous shadows! I'm pretty sure I have the last photo to swatch for you!

Ella + Mila: I've only tried one of their polishes but I loved it. They have a new matte top coat which you can see on the nail wheels below. I love their Samba collection for the summer and I love it matte!

Borghese/Fango: I stopped here and gushed about how much I loved their nail polish and they knew I was old school haha. After discussing some polish colors, they showed me their new Fango line of mud masks and sheet masks. I now have a ton of masks to try out and you bet I'll be reporting back.

Londontown: I've heard of this brand but it was great to see them in person! They have a new product called Smudge fix which will fix your dents in your polish. They also have a Gel Genius top coat and a bunch of new colors. I have a red to try out and report back on!

Simple Sugars: I tried out this brand last year and it has become a regular part of my hand care routine. They now add emu oil to their products, but since I'm a vegetarian, I got one without. I like that they have that as an option still. Emu oil is supposed to have a lot of skin benefits, but it is a byproduct, so it's not animal friendly. I have the lemonade scent to try out and it smells delicious.

Skinn Cosmetics: I never heard of Skinn Cosmetics until literally a week before Cosmoprof when I saw them on TV on evine. They have so many new products and I'm excited to tell you that they gave me all of them to try, including the palettes below. Stay tuned for a huge look into this company and their makeup. I'm very impressed by the colors and variety.

Impala Mundial: I stopped by Impala just to see what was new. New neons are out and they have such cute packaging, don't you think?

Color Club Nail Lacquer: Lots of Color Club products. Tons of new collections. Tons of NEW stamping plates. In fact, 48 news plates that will be about $8 each. The images are so fun. And Director of Education, Robert Nguyen showed us the new portable LED lamp for gel nails. There's also going to be thermal gel polish in addition to the holo gel polish!

ORLY: Orly is releasing the new Mulholland Collection, based on Los Angeles. This is available now in both the regular line and the Orly EPIX line, which wears like gel. They also have a new Breathable collection that allows oxygen into your nails while wearing nail polish!

Milk & Sass: How cute are these hair brushes? They look like macarons, are ergonomic, and have a mirror on one side. This is such a cute accessory!

Indie Girl: Indie Girl is a brand of gel that I'm super excited to show you. I thought I took more pictures but I didn't. So here's their entire line of colors. It's a lot. It's beautiful. I love it!

The Painted Nail: Every year, I have to stop by and see Katie from The Painted Nail. She's so genuine and fun. She has a new line of nail polishes and I get to show you some! Also, watch for me and a bunch of other bloggers to be on her reality show on E! (Unless we get cut, which frankly, I'm okay with haha).

China Glaze: Last but not least, here is a tiny preview of China Glaze. I've seen the winter and spring and you will love it. For now, here is the Fall Collection on a nail wheel (swatches to come from me!) and the new Seche Premier Color Line! These are all new colors and not re-promotes!

Phew! Stay tuned tomorrow for a look into my second day at Cosmoprof!

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  1. Replies
    1. Right? Yet, I feel like I still missed out on so much!

  2. so much fun to see the new products!

    1. Lots of great companies for me to try out and I love seeing the old standbys

  3. Wow! So much fun-and I love the makeup palettes....I loved Morgan Taylor's stuff last year, but this year, wow! Thank you for sharing

    1. I love Morgan Taylor formulas. Very excited to try them all. Thank you!

  4. There's so much that catches my eye, the Ella + Mila Love collection looks especially beautiful!

    1. The samba collection is so soft and subtle and it's more awesome with the matte top coat!

  5. There are three around the world but check out other smaller beauty shows. It's worth it!

  6. I'm sorry I just died and went to heaven! So sad I missed CosmoProf due to work! I need one of those macaroon brushes!

    1. Hopefully you can come next year! I love this event every year


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