Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cocktails and Colors 2016 Recap

For my last recap while at Cosmoprof, I want to share with you the indie event, Cocktails and Colors. While this is not sponsored by Cosmoprof, it's a great way to gather a ton of indies and bloggers together to discuss nail polish, newest releases, and new products. So let's check out the brands that were there!

Glisten & Glow: This brand had a cute set up with a pirate and island themed table to coordinate with her newest collections. The island creme collection is already available and I'll have a few swatches from the newest Pirate Booty collection, releasing at the end of this month.

Cupcake Polish: Cupcake Polish always keeps her displays simple and classy on a cupcake tier. So cute. At the bottom of the first picture, you will see the Olympic collection. The second photo is her new Luau Collection, releasing at the end of this month. Sun photos and art to come!

Ever After: At Cocktails and Colors this year, there were a ton of brands I have actually never tried, but of course, heard of. I always make mental notes to buy them and forget. I am so excited to try Ever After nail polishes and all the coordinating body products. I got to pick out two delicious lip balm flavors. And check out their new bath milks, lotions, and bath jellies. So much stuff to go purchase and try out! Also, how cute is that carriage?!

Colors by Llarowe: It's always a pleasure seeing Leah Ann and checking out her latest collections. Below, is her upcoming Journey Collection. She had a wonderful explanation for this collection. I love when polishes actually mean something! My photo of the display is a bit washed out, but yay for nail wheel shots!

Baroness X: Another brand I hadn't tried yet. She also had all the polishes swatched on nail wheels and they were super shimmery and shifty. I picked up a red looking polish and it turned blue. So super crazy shifts! She also specializes in matte balms (perfect for swatching!) and has a body care line that includes lotion, bath jellies, and more!

Native War Paints: I loved seeing all the gorgeous shimmers of Native War Paints! I kept picking up the bottles to see what awesome shimmer would be in the color. And great news, Amanda says that all their colors are always kept in stock! In my head, they were always sold out, because I've heard of their sweater collection being coveted. But no crazy restocks here!

Firecracker Lacquer: Kendahl always has the best displays, complete with candy and firecrackers! Firecracker Lacquer has a gorgeous line of nail polishes, a new duo with Girly Bits, and Harry Potter's birthday box! Lots of new items to grab!

Anonymous Lacquer: Mildred was so great to me! Her logo reminds me of Mardi Gras and New Orleans, which is one of my favorite places, so I gravitated to her display. I have a few of her polishes to try along with a lotion bar sample, which is perfect for on the go!

 Lou It Yourself: Another brand that I get to try! Loucie was really fun and bouncy! She has neon collections that are great to watermarble apparently! She gave me a set of neons to take home to do some nail art, so I'll be getting those up soon because it's still hot and summery! She also gave me a bath bomb set, and I'll definitely be reviewing those for you soon. I love bath bombs!

I,A.M...Custom Color: Ashlie was also super fun and bouncy. She explained all her new polishes, ones she made on mistake that came out gorgeous, her birthday polish, and more! She also has mani soaks and new scrubs, which you can see on the photo below. I can't wait to try her polishes!

Joy Lacquer: Can we talk about how silly I am?? I totally didn't take a picture of Joy Lacquer's beautiful polish display? How could I? Luckily, I have two polishes to show you but check out her awesome body products and top and base coats. The cuticle whips smell absolutely amazing.

Fair Maiden Nail Polish: Fair Maiden was actually at Cosmoprof last year, but I somehow missed them :( I made sure I stopped to chat about their newest collections. They have neons, holographic + creme duos (my favorites!), and showed off their Disney villains collection. It was awesome to see their huge catalog of polishes. It's one thing to see it on the website, but all in person? Adrienne and Sara were lovely and it was fun to pick up their polishes and looks at all the colors.

Darling Diva Nail Polish: Apparently the display was picked over by the time I got to it. But the Vegas exclusives are gorgeous (stay tuned for your chance to win the set!) and Carrie is constantly releasing gorgeous new collections.

Alter Ego Nail Enamels: I have worked with Cynthia before and she really is so sweet. She spotlighted her newest collection, Scream for Ice Cremes, which I have swatched for you HERE. She will be releasing two new Vegas-based polishes soon, so stay tuned!

6 Harts Nail Polish: I am very excited that 6 Harts is coming back to make nail polish after a small hiatus. She showed me her newest release Not Taupical, which will be coming out soon and I have a special polish to show you in a bit!

Different Dimension: Missi is releasing a new collection and HERE are swatches of three of them! Head to the shop to pick up the Pretty Nauti collection now! I also have a photo of all the new cuticle scents which smell amazing.

Powder Perfect: Jacinta came all the way from Australia, so that shows commitment. I loved seeing all the different colors she offers. What is most impressive is the stamping plate, which she has custom designed by a graphic designer. No dupes here. I will absolutely need this plate. I love the deco images. She also gave me a peek at her upcoming Halloween duo!

Girly Bits Cosmetics: Last but not least, Girly Bits, who is a staple at Cosmoprof every year. She always releases a "What Happens in Vegas" collection, which is the second picture. She will also be releasing her latest Vegas exclusive, which I posted as a base the other day! The first photo is her current collection, a Little Madness. P.S. I need this holder for my polishes! Isn't is adorable!

I LOVE the indie event every year. It so wonderful that makers and bloggers from around the world come to gather and meet at this event. It is always something I look forward. What are you excited for the most?!

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  1. Great recap! I love all the displays the indies made.

    1. Thanks! They really do go out of their way to make their displays special!

  2. This event always makes me drool a litte; great recap! Can't wait to see these polishes!

    1. I mostly love seeing so many indies in person, especially from brands I haven't tried. It's one thing to shop them online but to play with them in person is so much better

  3. Great recap Michelle! Always a pleasure to see you xo

    1. Thanks, Pam! I always love your display each year!

  4. Indies is something you have to buy online so having the chance to see them in person is incredible!

    1. Exactly! I love getting to see them in person!

  5. great recap with some new to me brands I will have to have a look at!!


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