Tuesday, April 2, 2024

KBShimmer What a Peach, April 2024 Polish Pickup

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Hello everyone and welcome to April. I have April's Polish Pickup which I am assuming is based on video games. This is a perfectly spring color in an awesome finish, so let's get straight to it as this polish is available this Friday!

KBShimmer Citrus Explosion Hand & Body Scrub - $10 – No Cap

Inspired by those energizing drinks, Citrus Explosion Hand & Body Scrub is a dazzling medley of oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruit.  A hint of sweetness with bursts of tart notes mimics freshly zested citrus for a bright and summery fresh scent.  A creamy base is swirled with lime, orange, yellow, and pink hues for a fun scrub you will want to use daily.

WARM WEATHER NOTE: During warmer weather, the oils can separate and settle in the jar; this will not harm your scrub.  Just stir before using to combine any oils that settle on top.  Scrubs are packed by weight, not volume.

Citrus Explosion: This is my kind of scent. I am not huge on gourmand bakery scent. I love refreshing scents that are fruity. This one is perfectly spring and summer and I love the scent. Please make this a cuticle oil!


KBShimmer What A Peach Nail Polish – No Cap - $12

What A Peach is a bubblegum pink microflake nail polish perfect for any princess, or someone who just wants to save one.  This fun pink hue quickly flips to show off a yellow-gold color with subtle hints of peach.  This shade will cover in two coats for most, but those with a strong nail line or extra length may prefer three.  As with most microflake polishes, thin coats, with some drying time in between, will offer the best results.

What a Peach: Three thin coats. This is a really pretty polish and this seems to be the new "it" finish for KBShimmer. She released two colors in this finish in her spring collection and I absolutely love them and am wearing What a Pearl Wants right now. This is a pink-toned version of those other polishes. I prefer thin coats. My nails are rather short right now, so I really could have left it at two coats but I added a third for dimension. I would have preferred for my nails to be longer when I wore this, but my broken nail seems to have taken a slow route  to growing. I love the shift in this. That yellow is stunning.

The polish and the sugar scrub will be available April 5th through April 8th in the Polish Pickup shop. 

Polish Pickup: SHOP, Facebook
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  1. Anything lemon or citrus I love. The polish is pretty but not really my shade. I am a fan of the finish. I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for sharing . 💜

    1. I am the same with citrus and I love it with sugar scrubs and oils because it is not offensive or overly sweet. The finish is definitely fun and removal is not terrible. I am finally over the hurdle. Two weeks, wow.


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