Monday, April 22, 2024

Spring Floral Quilting Nail Art

Press Sample 

Hello all. Tonight is Passover and I am looking forward to spending it with my family. I am actually wearing these nails as I type this and post it, so that is not what usually happens! I will be changing them out tomorrow though as I have been cooking away! Anywho, this was a floral design but my friend said it reminded her of a Swedish quilt and now it is all I can think about! So check out my springy quilt look!

Jessica Cosmetics usually sends me their collections but did not this round. Who knows. Their spring collections are my favorite, so I pulled some of their prior spring colors (that I use all the time) to create this look! In fact, all but one color was a Jessica Cosmetics polish!

Here are the colors I used. The Barry M is so old but always my perfect grass green!

  • Base: Jessica Cosmetics Hydrangea 
  • Green: Barry M Spring Green (purchased)
  • Red: Jessica Cosmetics Broadway Bound
  • Yellow:  Jessica Cosmetics Sunglow 
  • Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Blueberry Cream
  • Orange: Jessica Cosmetics Pumpkin Spice 


The design was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest with no watermark, but I ended up switching some shapes and designs on the nails. I changed the florals and such and just did whatever I felt. I love how this came out. Really, what took the longest was the base color and letting it dry so that if I did nail art on it, it would not dig into it. I hated these at first, but now I love them! I also think that adding the matte top coat elevated it. I love the Stella Chroma matte top coat!


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  1. I love this manicure so much. It looks like the quilt my grandmother made for my parents bed. Matte makes it perfect.
    Chag Pesach sameach. 💜

    1. Thank you! I can't believe I almost removed it immediately. It grew on me! I am glad you see the quilt image too. Thank you so much for the holiday wishes. I appreciate it.


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