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Stella Chroma In My Swiftie Era, Swatches and Review

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Well, hi blog. I missed you. This has just been a whirlwind of a two months. In my doctoral studies, I have a set of milestones I need to hit and well, it is my life right now. I had family visiting for ten days too. Plus life. I have actually been out multiple nights a week (not only weekends) so life is sooo hectic. I was one of two people honored last week for the work I do at my university and it was celebrated with a lovely event at night. In addition, I went to the NY Botanical Garden Orchid Show, a Mets game, a symphony, plus classes at night all last week. So all this to say, I rushed these swatches and I literally wore these polishes as my nail polish so I do not have much to share on the blog. I did rush these; I will admit. I ran out of sunshine. Then my nails broke at the end of the night of swatching, so I could not redo the last two. Sigh. All this to say, this is Stella Chroma's newest collection in a while and I love it, so let's take a look. 

About the collection:

My nieces are certified Swifties and they've been asking me to do a Taylor collection for a while now. I'm not super familiar with her songs, but Brayleigh knows them all backward and forward. I promised her I'd do a Taylor collection, but I didn't want to be a fraud. So I told her if I made one, I'd need her help. She picked her 5 favorite songs, named all of the polishes, and helped me make them all. Except Kept You Like An Oath. I created that one on my own, but she gave it her stamp of approval!

Kept You Like An Oath: 2 coats. A true red stunner full of fine holographic shimmer. Simple and complex all at once. This one is good to go in 2 coats. To me, this is like the red version of Summer Sandals, which is an amazing long time best-selling Stella Chroma. It has just enough holo needed without mucking up the gorgeous base. This is that fine holographic shimmer that I absolutely love. I did not experience any staining. 


Silent Scream: 3 coats. A sheer periwinkle jelly full to the brim with large pink/orange/yellow flakes and silver holographic flakies. Can be worn with 2-3 coats or as a topper. This is such an ethereal look on its own. And it is something I would wear on its if I had shorter nails. I would definitely prefer to layer this over Never Mine which I plan to do at the end of my swatch session so I will share that on a separate post. I love the periwinkle base with the loads of shimmer.

I had to share this one matte because wowza. All those flakes just float with the matte top coat (and I used Stella Chroma's Dark Matte-r. I love this one so much more with matte top coat. The little bits of sparkle too. Just awesome. Also, I wore this and despite all the flakes and sparkle, it removes easily!


Flush With The Currency Of Cool: 3 coats. A vivid green jelly packed with gold and silver flakies and a pretty shifting shimmer. Looks best with 2-3 coats. This one is so sparkly, and I love it. It is super unique, because the sparkles sort of look like they are glitter, but they are actually flakes. The flakes plus the shimmer make a super sparkly gorgeous polish. Happy to report that I did not have any flakes sticking up and everything laid completely flat.

I also wanted to see this polish matte because of the flakes and I love it. For some reason, I get autumn vibes and I just want to see orange pumpkins over this!

Stars By The Pocketful: 3 coats. A snow white cream with pink/gold shimmer, large iridescent flakies that shift blue/yellow/red, and silver holographic flakies. Wear this with 2-3 coats. I actually wore this polish way before I swatched this collection and I wish I took pictures because the sun was lowering and I did not put top coat on and now my nails are broken so I cannot redo it. You know I love a white polish and I was growing out my nails with the first break and so I put this beauty on. I just love white polishes that have a little ooomph to it. Please try me that this is gorgeous.

Never Mine: 3 coats. A lovely cream shade that is the blue of a sunny summer sky. Dries down to a matte finish. This one is opaque in 2 medium coats, but wear time is best with three thin coats. This is such a pretty blue color. I love that it is matte and it is somewhat bright as well. It is so soft and beautiful.

So I think this collection is a winner! I know nothing about Taylor Swift and her songs, but I judge a polish by its color and formula. And these are A+!
The Swiftie polishes will release TOMORROW at noon EST on Friday, April 19th at They will retail for $13.50 for each, but will be a special price for the first week, with the full set for $60.00. 


  1. Great to see a new post . I was worried you relapsed. I thought I was the only person out there who doesn't know a single Taylor Swift song. Congrats on being honored by your university .
    I love the periwinkle flake polish and love it matte. This is really a great collection. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. Relapsed into sickness? I would just cry! I mean, I know her super popular old songs, but yea, I am just indifferent to her music. Not to say that I don't love this collection. I will have to share the periwinkle flake layered because I love it more!


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