Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Valentine’s Day Pink Stripes

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As I looked through my nail arts of 2023, I loved seeing a variety of designs that I wanted to re-create in different color palettes. I loved my super simple Fourth of July nail art, and I wanted to create a pink version for Valentine's Day! This is the easiest nail art ever, so let's take a look!

The awesome thing about this nail art is that it literally takes 15 minutes. Why? Because the lines do not have to be straight, they do not have to be even thickness. The difference in widths of the lines actually make it more visually interesting! The only thought process was that I tried not to put the two sparkly colors next to each other.

I originally set aside more colors to use, but then I ran out of space on my nails!

  • Base: Stella Chroma Pueblo
  • Hot Pink: Zoya Yohanna
  • Medium Pink Creme: Jessica Cosmetics Mojave Desert
  • Rose Gold: Stella Chroma Crown of Roses
  • Pink Reflective: KBShimmer Feeling Good 


This is just so easy and it is so pretty. I almost added reds to this look and then decided a full-on pink look was what I wanted. I also was going to add more neon pinks that were brighter, but I liked the softer look. As I said, you cannot go wrong with this look, so you do you!


Because I used a reflective, I wanted to show this with flash. You can really see all the sparkle and then the subtle shimmer of the Stella Chroma base!

Stella Chroma: Shop, Facebook, Instagram 

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  1. I really like this manicure . This one I know I could do. I love the color combo. That would be the hardest for me ......picking the colors 😂
    Thanks for sharing. 💜

    1. Yessss, you absolutely can! Picking the colors is always the hardest. I could not even fit them all! Can't wait to see your creation!


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