Monday, February 26, 2024

Mauve and Rose Gold Nail Art

 Press Sample

Hello everyone. Today is a super random art. I was going through blog posts looking for a particular color and came upon this mauve Morgan Taylor. I immediately knew I wanted to wear it but then Valentine’s Day came up so I sort of put it on the backside for some brighter pinks. Well, now, after multiple snowstorms in one week, I’m here for the darker pink.

So when I have nail art ideas, I will test it out on my nail mat and then leave them there until I do them. When I tested this, I used my favorite striping brush which I have since misplaced 😭. So my lines were thicker than I meant to do but oh well. Still love the colors!


So simple but here are the colors:

  • Morgan Taylor From Dusk Til Dawn
  • Stella Chroma Crown of Roses
  • Morgan Taylor Copper Dream

This Morgan Taylor has such an amazing formula. It’s definitely an easy one coater, but I had a few splits in my nails that showed through so I did two just to cover those up. If you have perfect nails, you could do one coat or you could use a ridge filling basecoat, and do one coat. Either way, it’s so beautiful and reminds me why I love creme polishes so much.


So there you have it. Sweet and simple!

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  1. I love shades like this. My nails are far from perfect so I like to use toppers. The other shades you used are so pretty. Thanks for sharing. 💜

    1. Mine are not great. I had so many chips! Now I am wearing distracting nail art haha! I love a flake topper though.


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