Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Stella Chroma The Holo-gens, April Polish Pickup

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The theme for Polish Pickup in April is the Periodic Table. All right then, lol. You know, science is cool and fun, so when I saw the stunning polish from Stella Chroma, I was like whatever the inspiration, I am here for it. Let’s check it out! 

Lavender Essential Oil scented emulsified sugar scrub - We chose the element of relaxation for our scrub this month (Oh, that was bad, wasn't it?) We're scenting our buttery, luxe sugar scrub with pure lavender essential oil. Calming and relaxing. This scent isn't fakey floral. $6.50 for 2.5 oz. No cap.

I love a simple scent. Lavender is one of my favorite oil scents because it truly is relaxing and great for headaches. So I really like how fresh this is yet calming. If you like lavender, you will love this and I’m glad to have a form of lavender in another way such as a sugar scrub.

The Holo-gens - The halogens are a group of chemically related elements in the periodic table. I'll not go into greater detail so I don't put you to sleep. :) We decided to do a play on words and make a blingy, holographic polish called The Holo-gens. A silver holographic base is highlighted with metallic flakies of black, purple, and bright pink. $13 for 15 mL and no cap.

The Holo-gens: 3 coats plus top coat. Then matte. Two is honestly fine but my index had a tiny bit of VNL so I did three coats for all for photos. In person? I’d stop at two. My brain keeps seeing this as purple even though it is really the flakes that sort of shift the color from silver to lavender. Either way, it’s really fun to look at and the mixture of colors is really unique. I feel like I don’t see these three together too often but I am loving how they work together.

In the sunshine, you can really see the shades of purple pop. The purple flakes and the shimmer give off a lavender feel to this nail polish. I also love that the Holo is there but it doesn’t take over the flakes.

I forgot to take pictures of this polish matte in the indoor lighting but you can still see how pretty it is. I love how shimmers and glitters and the flakes just sort of pop when they are matte. The combination of the purple, black, and red is just so fun together.

Since we are entering spring, I decided to do some floral stamping. I used the Flirty florals collection 2 plate from Morgan Taylor and simply stamped on some white flowers. I wanted it to be a negative space image so the glitters would shine through the image. This is so simple and so fun and it kind of has a funky 70s vibe to it.

This polish and the sugar scrub is available April 1- April 4th until in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and starts at $6 to Canada.

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Stella Chroma: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

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