Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Duri Primal Instinct Collection

 Gifted by a Friend

Hi all! I have been sitting on two Duri collections and I finally got down to swatching this one! I have actually been using these cremes for art for probably almost a year and they are opaque and awesome. They also stamp! So let's look at this rainbow of fun.

Hear Me Roar: 2 coats. In order to be heard it is important to be seen. Be eye-catching wearing our valiant and striking red that will be sure to have a jaw-dropping effect. This is a nice and bright red. It is deep but bright. Surprisingly, this did not stain. But I would use it more for art than wearing since red polish isn't really my thing.


Uninhibited: 2 coats plus top coat. Attain an uninhibited quality of mind through our vibrant and fresh orange. The perfect blends of smoldering and brilliant tones that will make you stay cool calm and collected. I love orange! I cannot wait for this to be on my toes. I like that it is like a tiger orange. I think this one stained a bit but I am not sure LOL.


Sting Like A Bee: 3 coats plus top coat. Can do two thicker if you wantBee unstoppable and courageous wearing our creamy yet daring yellow. Encompassing subtle cool tones, this color will be sure to remind you to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. I love yellow nail polish. I know people hate it. Not me. This is sooo unique and so great for art too. I love how muted and dusty it is. totally unique in my collection!


Monkeying Around: 2 coats and thick formula. Top coat. Who says we have to grow up? This lush, woodland green will be sure to leave you feeling youthful and eccentric. The unique bold tone is equally as unmatched as your personality. I noticed that the lid was super stuck with polish and I tried to clean it and it just piles up so it does not close fully and that is what must make it thick because I keep thinning it. This one stamps!


Tropical Rain. 2 coats. Stains. Feel the rain on your skin wearing our indulgent, luscious blue that will release you into a steamy jungle ambiance. So bright! So fun! Buttttt it stains. I got the stains off, but I had a feeling and swatched it last. I would probably use this for art or make sure you wear base coat!


Hunting for Love: 2 coats. Intense purple nail polish that is velvety and rich. This one didn't have a fun description. But it is a lovely purple and also stamps!

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