Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Autumn Pumpkins Nail Art

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Hello all! Happy Thanksgiving! I meant to post this yesterday, but I did them yesterday and then just got busy with Thanksgiving prep! I'm just dropping in what I'm wearing today for the holidays and then I'm back to cooking! I wasn't going to post today, but I really wanted to share this art since I love it!

Thanksgiving Autumn Pumpkins Nail Art

Yet again, I was inspired by a cookie design I saw on Pinterest and now I can't find the link and since I'm rushing, I just don't have time to find it lol. I will update this later this weekend. I just loved the ombre-ish look and the autumnal colors. Doesn't it just scream autumn?!

Thanksgiving Autumn Pumpkins Nail Art

  • Base: Girly Bits You Go, Squirrel Friend
  • Pink: Girly Bits For Once and Floral
  • Light Beige: Girly Bits Just the Flax, Ma'am
  • Brown: Zoya Foster
  • Rust Brown: Jessica Cosmetics Woody
  • Orange: Lechat Felicity
  • Green: Girly Bits It's Near Leaf Fall

Thanksgiving Autumn Pumpkins Nail Art

Thanksgiving Autumn Pumpkins Nail Art

Thanksgiving Autumn Pumpkins Nail Art

I'll probably matte this tomorrow and then update my post, but I do love it shiny! Plus, I still have a lot of cooking and I get better wear with my nails shiny!

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  1. These have a beautiful Autumnal vibe. Happy Thanksgiving ♡

  2. Lovely mani. Hope you had a great day :-)


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