Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Plaid Pumpkin Nail Art

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Plaid pumpkin nail art is all the rage right now! I first saw it re-posted by someone in a Facebook group and I was like WHOA. Then I went to the original post to see that the pioneer of this look (well, at least for this season) is Instagrammer KDNailedIt. It's been recreated so many times at this point! Hers were black and white plaid and they are amazing!

Plaid Pumpkin Nail Art

So I had done my Pusheen of the Month nail art and I really loved the color palette, so I basically used very similar colors from that manicure. Then I loved my skittle plaid mani, and did that sort of same idea, with a glitter accent and one plain nail. So I combined two mani styles and got this!

Plaid Pumpkin Nail Art

As always, here is a list of colors I used. Are these lists helpful? I started doing them a few months ago. I love it for myself to recall colors I used and also, hopefully it's helpful to you!

  • Glitter on Pinky and Thumb: 3 coats of Girly Bits Turning a New Leaf Nov 2018 COTM
  • Ring beige base: Girly Bits Just the Flax Ma'am
  • Middle beige base: Girly Bits You Go Squirrel Friend
  • Rust red: Girly Bits Another Brick in the Fall
  • Browns: Girly Bits Walnuts About You/Acornucopia
  • Light yellow: Girly Bits Saffron, Saffroff
  • Darker yellow: Girly Bits Butternut Leaf Me
  • Green: Girly Bits You Can't Handle the Spruce
  • Black: Stella Chroma New Moon: I chose this black over Girly Bits it's definitely him because it's a softer, less opaque black 

Plaid Pumpkin Nail Art

I really love this look and I was bummed to take them off! I loved them so much that I'm going to do another pumpkin look like this for Thanksgiving and I'll try to share them tomorrow, if not on Thanksgiving.

I just want to do this in so many colors! It's simple but really packs a punch.

Plaid Pumpkin Nail Art

Plaid Pumpkin Nail Art

All of these Girly Bits creme are currently available. They retails for $14 CAD each (about $10.50 USD). The Stella Chroma is also available! I love working with creme polishes!

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