Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Stella Chroma Gingered Peach Perfume Oil

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Perfume in the summer is so tricky, especially if you live in an area that has high humidity (blah, NJ/NY humidity!). You need a light scent. There's nothing worse than choking on someone's super strong perfume in the summer heat. In comes Stella Chroma Perfume Oil. If you'll remember, I initially posted this product with her other body care products. You can check out that post HERE. I had chosen a light and summery scent, so I didn't get to wear it a lot in the winter. So let's remind ourselves of this product!

Stella Chroma Gingered Peach Perfume Oil

Full disclosure: this is my second bottle! This perfume oil bottle is GLASS and high quality at that. I had dropped it twice on tile, and the third time, well, it shattered. I had left this in my bathroom cabinet with other items and I sloppily put it in. Well, the third time it dropped, it shattered. I will say, my bathroom smelled AMAZING for a week hahaha. Pam graciously sent me another bottle.

I went to the Stella Chroma web site and she states that the perfume is "available in our 10 mL amber glass rollerballs to keep harmful UV rays from spoiling your perfume." So there ya go! This retails for $12.

Stella Chroma Gingered Peach Perfume Oil

I roll the perfume on my wrists and neck. It LASTS. Even in the summer heat. It smells so nice without being heavy! The formula is great too as it rubs into your skin instantly and isn't greasy at all!

Gingered Peach: Fresh peach and ginger root with gentle spices of nutmeg & clove buds, hints of black currant, balanced on a background of sweet musky vanilla. I chose this scent because I love all things ginger peach. It's my absolute favorite tea, and I wish I could eat ginger peach everything. The scent is so nicely balanced that the peach isn't grossly sweet. It's a refreshing scent and I love it. You can head HERE to check out all the scents you want!

Stella Chroma Gingered Peach Perfume Oil

Stella Chroma Gingered Peach Perfume Oil

So I love this stuff! It's so nice to throw in your purse and freshen up if you need! I'll definitely be ordering other scents (and more coffee scrub!) You can use my non-affiliate code EHMKAY for 15% off. Each 10 mL bottle retails for $12.

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  1. This sounds like it smells so amazing! At least your bathroom smelled stunning!


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