Thursday, June 27, 2019

Floral Nail Art with Zoya Barefoot

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With today's look, I was inspired by another Irotorio look on Instagram. I sort of went off the deep end with this though! But I still wanted to credit what I attempted to do! I knew I wanted to do some more looks, but I think I'm in a nail art fail rut haha. Basically, I can only do dots. I just haven't been digging so many of my looks. Fail or not, I still wanted to share this. It has a cute whimsical feeling, so why not!? As I keep looking at it, it's growing on me!

Floral Nail Art with Zoya Barefoot

I started with a base of Zoya Joey, as I knew the other colors would pop off the base. Joey was probably the lightest color in the collection, so it worked well.

Then the other colors I used were:
  • Bee (yellow)
  • Liza (red)
  • Rie (purple)
  • Walker (blue)
  • Eleni (light blue)
  • Jace (green)
  • Snow White (white) 

Floral Nail Art with Zoya Barefoot

Floral Nail Art with Zoya Barefoot

I knew I wouldn't do exactly like the look that inspired me. Instead, I sort of blobbed different shapes of colors, then added green stems. Once that was done, I added blueberry dots with Walker. Why? I don't know. There was empty space and I wanted to fill it in. Lastly, I felt there needed to be some white accents, so I did that. I wore it shiny, then matte.

Floral Nail Art with Zoya Barefoot

Floral Nail Art with Zoya Barefoot

You know, maybe this isn't a fail?! I do love how the colors play together and it's a fun and whimsical look. I do love that Zoya has a nice color selection in the summer collection. They just needed that green!

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  1. There are colourful and absolutely adorable. So whimsical looking. Love it! 😍


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