Saturday, December 29, 2018

Pusheen Calendar Series: A Round-Up of 2018

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I really enjoy taking a look back at my nail art as the year comes to an end. I feel like I was very swatch heavy this year, so I like to remind myself of the art I did do! So first, let's start off with 2018 Pusheens! Doing one  month is fun. Some looks I love, some I hate, but I always enjoy looking at them. SO take a look back at 2018 with me!

Pusheen Calendar Series: A Round-Up of 2018

Of course, if you want full details to colors and methods for each art, I've linked each month!

January Lazy Weekend Pusheen: These are the best weekends. Netflix, vegging out, quality time.

January Lazy Weekend Pusheen

February Birthday Pusheen: It's Pusheen's birthday so we have to celebrate!

February Birthday Pusheen

March Mythical Pusheen: Because one time a year, Pusheen transforms into a mythical unicorn!

March Mythical Pusheen

April Delivering Milk Pusheen: Is Pusheen delivering milk or picked up a bunch to eat with cookies? You decide .

April Delivering Milk Pusheen

May Fancy Pusheen: Pusheen is not only fancy, but rocks a monocle. If only I could be so cool!

May Fancy Pusheen

June All the Cookies Pusheen: Pusheen excited for too many cookies. Look at the eyes. Look at them!

June All the Cookies Pusheen

July Pusheen Ice Cream Time: My favorite look of the year! I just love how this entire look came together!

July Pusheen Ice Cream Time

August Lazy Pusheen: Adorable. I know we all want to be lazy Pusheen. It's cute to be a seriously chubby cat, but not person. LOL.

August Lazy Pusheen

September PuSushi: Why is Pusheen in a sushi roll? Am I eating Pusheen? Is Pusheen being absorbed by sushi? What's happening?!

September PuSushi

October Pusheen Making Pizza: I loved this look. It came out super cute and definitely was one of my favorite Pusheen arts of the year!

October Pusheen Making Pizza

November Sleepy Pusheen: November is a month for naps, so I'm feeling Pusheen in the clouds!

November Sleepy Pusheen

December Santa Pusheen: This may have been my least favorite Pusheen art of the year, but I'm still cheersing out the year!

December Santa Pusheen

I received the calendar for the holidays, so I'll be back with this series in 2019! It's so fun looking back at all of these!

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  1. These are all absolutely gorgeous I love all the colours you used

  2. These all came out so amazing, and I can't wait to see what you do for 2019!


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