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My Favorite Nail Arts of 2018!

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Like the past few years, I'm sharing some of my favorite art from the past year. I already shared all my Pusheen art so I'm excluding those from this post. It's so hard to narrow down art from each month. I love taking my time to look back at what I've done over the year. January seems so long ago!

My Favorite Nail Arts of 2018!

Like always, I'll be going in chronological order, taking a walk through the months. I realize that my biggest art months always seem to be October and December for the respective holidays. Everything is linked so you can get details!

January 2018

Welcome to 2018 Art: I love this rendition on it. Instead of black and gold, I went with multichrome!

Welcome to 2018 Art

Cozy Cabin Hunter Stamping: I loved this new technique of stamping that I tried. As I stamped, I used a dotting tool to remove parts I didn't want and that's how I got the middle nails the way they are!

Cozy Cabin Hunter Stamping

February 2018

Blue Stamping with Stell Chroma Reflections: I realize this is very simple stamping but sometimes the simple looks are so striking and so gorgeous!

Blue Stamping with Stell Chroma Reflections

Jessica La Vie En Rose Ombre Waves: Sometimes a collection lends itself to great art. These delicate waves were pretty and I definitely want to recreate them.

Jessica La Vie En Rose Ombre Waves

March 2018

Pastel Gradient with Flakes: Seems March was my month of pastels. I'm still in love with the Lechat English Rose collection and I use it all the time. My collection of the year!

Pastel Gradient with Flakes

Pastel Unicorn Nail Art: Again, I used the entire Lechat English Rose collection for this. It's so cute!

Pastel Unicorn Nail Art

April 2018

Holo Striped Nail Art: Not sure why I loved this so much. But it's just aesthetically pleasing.

Holo Striped Nail Art

Flakie Explosion: I remember failing at a nail art and I said screw this, I'm just going to be all the flakies on one manicure. Yeah, I loved it!

Flakie Explosion

The Simpsons Nail Art: I did this manicure to commemorate the fact that The Simpsons became the longest running scripted show this year! I've done a few manicures with these characters and I love them each time.

The Simpsons Nail Art

May 2018

New York Mets Nail Art: I went to a Mets game and I can't go anywhere without themed nail art haha. I think my Mets font came out great!

New York Mets Nail Art

Neon Geometric Nail Art: I loved the Morgan Taylor summer neons and I found this to be a fun way to present them!

Neon Geometric Nail Art

 June 2018

Neon Leopard: This was my birthday manicure and for my 6th blogging anniversary! I love pastel neons and the color combo really worked for me!

Neon Leopard

Neon Stripes: I like to black against the neon coloring of this. This is what I wore to Polish Con to represent KBShimmer!

Neon Stripes

July 2018

Tie Dye Nail Art: July was another slow month for me for art but was super swatch heavy. I had planned to do tie dye art the moment I saw this Lechat collection.

Tie Dye Nail Art

August 2018

Neon Gradient Tips: So simple but I love the colors! I had so many compliments on this one!

Neon Gradient Tips

Rainbow Dotticure: Totally loving this, and I really want to recreate this in wintry colors. I should have done it in holiday colors.

Rainbow Dotticure

September 2018

Cotton Candy Pastel Birthday Nails: A gradient look of a bunch of pastels stamped together. Lovely.

Cotton Candy Pastel Birthday Nails

Rustic Stripes: I was obsessed with this look. Must create ASAP. Lechat creates such coordinated collections. I love how the colors came out.

Rustic Stripes

October 2018

 Black Cat in a Pumpkin: October is always a big month for art since it's Halloween and fall, my favorite time of year! This was inspired by Em & Sprout and it's adorable.

Black Cat in a Pumpkin

Red Dead Redemption II: The video game had a long awaited release with a sequel and I was so excited  for it. I thought I did a pretty good job mimicking the font!

Red Dead Redemption II

Autumn Leopard: I love leopard print nails and the Morgan Taylor Fall collection was perfectly leopard-y.

Autumn Leopard

Halloween Plaid: It was so hard to narrow down Halloween looks but how fun was this one?!

Halloween Plaid

November 2018

Woodland Creatures Nail Art: November was a slow month for me! It was very swatch heavy so I want to make sure I create more balance during the month.

Woodland Creatures Nail Art

December 2018

Driedel Nail Art: I realize this month just occurred but I love the art I did! I did two driedel arts but I think this one edged out the other.

Driedel Nail Art

Bear Tangled in Christmas Lights: I got this plat just for this image and it's so cute. I love it!

Bear Tangled in Christmas Lights

Starbucks Bear Nail Art: Well, I just loved this look. It took me a while too. I'm proud of my freehand this month!

Starbucks Bear Nail Art

Cat Santa Stamping: Another stamping look but it's so simple and fun!

Cat Santa Stamping

Starbucks Holly Christmas Art: Another Starbucks inspired look! I love the muted simplicity of this.

Starbucks Holly Christmas Art

Well, there you have it! I'll be back tomorrow to enter in the New Year and discuss my blogging goals. For the most part, I feel I did what I wanted to on this blog. More art!

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  1. I love that 2018 mani and your Simpsons, so cool! Happy new year!

  2. That unicorn design is just too cute!

  3. How fun to look back at your nail art. I remember most of these from posts. Some of my favorites are from December and August. I hope to see more nail art in 2019.

  4. I love so many of your creations! The striped holo nail art being my favorite!

  5. They are all lovely, but the rustic stripes are totally winning me over! The style and colourway is fabulous!

  6. You do the most amazing work. So talented. Hard to pick a fave among the faves, but I gotta give props to the Simpsons - so adorable

  7. Such a brilliant post.. you are fabulous and amazingly talented lady.. hard to pick the most favorite of these...

  8. So many pretty manis! I still love that perfect rainbow dotticure!

  9. I can't pick a favourite! I first thought it would be the 2018, and then I saw the next one, and the next one, and so on. I think for sheer ingenuity, it would have to be the flakie explosion.

  10. You picked a few of my faves of yours too. I like the Mets, anything baseball!!!, and i really like the pastel feeling CHristmas mani

  11. Your nail art skills always blow me away - especially the freehand work!

  12. Those are some great picks for sure!!! I love the Simpson and the Starbucks manis the most!!! So cute and unique!

  13. I love them all and have a hard time picking a favourite but the The Simpsons is the one jumping out at me.

  14. I love everything! But I have to especially call out my love for your Red Dead nail art!

  15. You are soooo creative with your nail designs!


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