Friday, December 28, 2018

Holiday 2018 Window Displays of New York City

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Greetings all! I wanted to do something a little different today, as I started this a few years ago sharing nail inspirations from window displays around New York City. If you don't know, major department stores go all out with epic holiday window displays! Last year, I shared with you the full displays of the 2017 New York City Holiday Windows. You can see that post HERE. I finally got to get photos of Saks Fifth Ave last night, plus I wanted to wait in case any of my readers were going themselves and wanted to be surprised. I believe most will be taken down by January 2, so you still have a chance!

Because I live in the city, I'm able to break up how I see it. But I'll logically put together a little route for you! Today I'm sharing from Bergdorf Goodman, Macy's, Tiffany's, and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as some other iconic places. Sadly this year is the last year for Henri Bendel (and I frankly wasn't impressed with the display), Lord & Taylor was sold to weWork, so they no longer have displays. I did not get a chance to go to Bloomingdale's this year, since it's so out of the way. But Bergdorf and Macy's are my must sees each year, so if you ever plan on heading to NYC, I recommend those!

Let's start at Bergdorf Goodman, on 57th St and 5th Ave. You can see the Plaza Hotel there, as well as Central Park! Look around for the giant candy canes too. Bergdorf is truly my favorite of all the displays. They are incredibly artistic and truly beautiful. You sort of stare at it in awe! The theme was candy and to say I loved it was an understatement! Each window was made with a different candy/sweets theme.


Then walk down Fifth Avenue and catch Tiffany's! They had a robotic theme this year. It was odd but I loved how unexpected it was! You have to look close, but you'll be able to see the gorgeous diamond jewelry in the fun displays!

As you walk down Fifth Ave, you'll see Cartier and Louis Vuitton as well as other designer brands. These were my photo worthy designs!

Then you'll make it to 50th street, which is where Rockefeller Plaza is and Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks Fifth Avenue's theme was the Theatre of Dreams! The window's were color-coded and had mixed media with videos behind each mannequin. Please enlarge the photos and see the label of each act. There's also a gorgeous light show in addition to the window displays.

Turn around from Saks Fifth Avenue and you'll see the quintessential Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree. My boyfriend and I have gone to this tree for ten years and we took our annual photo!

If you're up for it, walk one avenue down to Madison Avenue and check out the Lotte Palace Tree (between 50th and 51st street)! This was the first time we checked this plaza out and it was a 4 minute extra walk, not crowded at all, and truly beautiful! We easily got a picture in front of the tree (even if the guy cut off the star, oh well!)

As you walk down, keep your eyes peeled for Radio City Music Hall and my favorite giant ornament balls! Really, everywhere you look, there's something festive!

Keep walking down Fifth Avenue to 42nd Street and take a break at Bryant Park (between 5th and 6th avenues). Their tree this year was from New Paltz, my college town! They also have a wonderful food and holiday market, so you can take a break, eat, and shop! There's also an excellent view of the Empire State Building here. After, exit towards 6th Avenue!

Then walk down to 34th Street and 6th Avenue (also known as the Avenue of Americas). This is where you'll hit Herald Square and Macy's. Macy's is whimsical and makes me feel like a child again. That's why I love it! Bergdorf is artsy and stunning and Macy's makes me just feel wowwww.  This one was based on Sunny the Snowpal who helps saves Christmas when Santa's sleigh doesn't work!


Lastly, while not on this route (but not too far off), I stopped in Times Square where they had the 1 and the 9 which will go above the crystal ball for New Year's Eve. I've never seen this before so it might be a new thing! How cool?! This was on 47th and Broadway.

Well there you have it! You start at around 57th and 5th Avenue and end at 34th and 6th Avenue but you really get the best of holiday feels in New York City! You will walk a mile to a 1.5 miles but wear comfy shoes! It's really not a big deal for me as I live here, but there's tons of places to stop and relax! I hope you enjoyed my tour of the holidays in New York City. It's really the best! I couldn't even include everything or this post would be ages long!

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  1. Oh, wow! As pretty as those windows are in pictures they must be amazing in person! Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful images.

  2. I love this post so much. I was fortunate to visit nyc for my first time one December and it was absolutely magical. Every year since, I’ve been dying to know what they did in the store fronts. The feeling there is indescribable but you did a great job of articulating it. How fun to be able to go every year!!

  3. How beautiful. I love seeing these pictures. NYC knows how to make the holiday come alive. They are all so wonderful.

  4. I miss no longer living in New York, but especially at the holidays. However, I am too sad about Lord & Taylor being gone and the end of Bendels. Nevertheless, I have appreciated seeing my friends' pix on FB and yours here. From the photos, I liked Bergdorf's and Saks best. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Those displays are stunning! Thank you for sharing these with us!


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