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Texture Saran Wrap Tutorial

I got such a great response to my post on Friday, that I whipped up this tutorial quickly. This is an awesome EASY technique to do Mardi Gras nails. I just used these colors as an accent to my first Mardi Gras manicure (which I will post tomorrow) and trust me, it is gorgeous. I hope you show me how you do these nails--no matter the color scheme.

Texture Saran Wrap Tutorial

First, you will need to pick your texture colors. You can use only 2, but 3 gives the look extra depth. Below I have Zoya Carter, JulieG Gift of Gold, and Kiko 643 (Spring Green) Sugar Mat. Actually, I used these three on my nails with Gift of Gold as the base and IT'S AWESOME. Also, feel free to use more colors! I used 6 on my Mardi Gras mani and it's gorgeous. After you pick your colors, rip off a piece of saran wrap (or cling wrap) and roll it into a ball. See photos below.

Texture Saran Wrap Tutorial

Texture Saran Wrap Tutorial

First, paint your base with 1-2 coats depending on opacity. Even if it's a sheerer texture, don't do three coats. You will be covering up the imperfections. Let this dry for 10-15 minutes.

Step 1: Paint base color

After your polish has dried, uncap all your polishes as it makes it easier to grab the colors. You need to work fast and texture polishes dry quickly. Once all polishes are uncapped, add random dots with the polish brush. Don't worry how close or far away you put them or how big or small, the saran wrap will do the work.

Sorry for the blurry photo but you need to work fast!

Step 2: Add dots of polish with polish brush

After you add the dots of polish , take your ball of saran wrap and dab onto the polish like below. This will get messy, but the look is worth it!

Step 3: Grab that saran wrap!

Step 3: Pull the saran wrap ball against the polish and pull up!

This is what the saran wrap will look like after. It will pick up the excess polish to create this stained glass/gorgeous look.

This is what the saran wrap looks like

Here's the final look! Don't top coat your nails to keep the awesome texture look. Even with the saran wrap art, the textured polish isn't extra texture-y if you follow. It feels like a normal texture polish and won't get caught. I have to warn you though, this is messy and will require clean up. The tighter you make your saran wrap ball, the less polish gets on your skin.

Step 4: The final result!

 Actually, I just found out my friend Benedicte did a saran wrap mani last year with two colors! Check out her post HERE to see how it looks with two colors---I NEED to copy her combination as it is so stunning!!

I have a feeling I will be doing this all the time! I love any new technique to use with textures since they are one of my favorite finishes. 

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