Monday, March 3, 2014

Mardi Gras Skittle Manicure

I have a minor obsession with New Orleans and somewhere in a past life, I must have lived there. Growing up around one of the largest cities in the US and the world, I fell in love with the "small city" feel when I visited Louisiana and New Orleans. 

Anywho, Mardi Gras has actually been going on for weeks; most of us know of it as Fat Tuesday, which is actually the culmination of Mardi Gras! I was so stuck on doing pink/girly manicures for February, Mardi Gras just slipped through the cracks. But here is my first manicure. I will post the other one tomorrow, on Fat Tuesday! 

This has a lot of polishes, so I will list them on the bottom of this post. Rather than art, I went with a color scheme and then did a pair of beads...they are broken because I cannot tell you how many broken necklaces I caught at parades! Enlarge the photos to see the color combinations better.

Mardi Gras Skittle Manicure
Mardi Gras Skittle Manicure 
Mardi Gras Skittle Manicure, with flash to show sparkle

Index and Pinky: China Glaze LOL (purple), China Glaze GR8 (gold), Cirque Polish Lonesome George (green) gradient, topped with Red Dog Designs Here Comes the Parade

Middle: Base is Illamasqua Baptiste. Beads are Illamasqua Seance (purple) and Omen (green) and Zoya Ziv (gold)

Index: Base is Julie G Gift of Gold. Saran Wrap technique using Kiko 643 Spring Green, Zoya Solange, Zoya Carter, Julie G Sugar Plum Fairies, Julie G Mistletoe

Thumb: Base is Kiko 643 Spring Green. Saran Wrap technique using JulieG Gift of Gold, Zoya Solange, Zoya Carter, Julie G Sugar Plum Fairies, Julie G Mistletoe

For a bonus picture, I used a black light since the two Illamasqua polishes I used as beads are supposed to be UV sensitive. Cool, right? Sorry it's so grainy!

Mardi Gras Skittle Manicure under Black Light
Phew! So that's everything! See you tomorrow for my harlequin nails!

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  1. Your mani is absolutely stunning! You did a lot of work, it is amazing!


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