Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kiko Milano now in the US! And I went!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know my love for the brand Kiko. I usually set up swaps with nail friends in Europe, and hauled pretty big when I went to Europe this past August (you can see that haul here). Can you believe my excitement when my friends in England tagged me on Kiko's Facebook page to tell me their first American store opened just 15 minutes away in the humongous Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ?! I had no idea! I won't lie...I dropped everything and drove over. 

Kiko USA highlights!

I was in heaven and have already been back again! The staff was super helpful and I ended up leaving with quite a nice haul of makeup and nail polish. They helped me choose the correct shade of eyeshadows and lippies to go with my skin tone and they were super excited I knew so much already about the brand. 

Because it was a Friday afternoon, the mall was flooded, so my pictures were rushed when people moved out of the way, but you get the idea.

Kiko in the new "Fashion Way" wing...conveniently next to LUSH!

LE displays in the center of the store. Yes, that's a wall of polish behind it

Here's a closeup of their LE Denim Collection. The lip pencils are amazing and last a really long time (an entire Saturday night of drinking and my lips were still colored!) The circle tin to the left is a blush/lip balm duo, and I'll most likely be back for it. The nail polishes are "denim" but it's more of a matte/rubber finish than suede. 

Denim collection with EXCELLENT lippies. I picked up the lip pencil (bottom center red)

WALL OF KIKO POLISH!! These are cores and quick dry polishes $6-$7

LEs: Quick Dry ($7), Cupcake ($8), Fancy Top Coat ($8)

Cupcake Polishes $8 (4 came home with me)

Fancy Top Coats $8

I went back again yesterday to grab a few gifts and ISOs for polish friends and it was way less busy but they did a makeover on my mom, so I didn't snap better pictures of the store. It's really an experience you need to see! Here are quick pics of some of my purchases.

Cupcake 650, 655, 654, and then I went back and got 656!

Amazingly pigmented lip gloss ($5), and a lip pencil (will need more of these) $9

Kiko will have different promotions but I'm not sure how often they will rotate them. For their opening, they had promotions on eyeshadows so I picked up a few plus their eyeshadow primer ($11). 

Eyeshadow stick (on sale for $7.90) in purple, 2 Kiko eyeshadows ($3.90 each).

Had some fun with staff trying lip colors. I went with the middle pink. I've gotten so many compliments wearing it!
They do plan on opening up more stores in the future and they told me they DO plan on manufacturing in the US so you can expect a website for Americans! Most of the products in Europe are here except for products that contain SPF which need to be reformulated for US standards (like my favorite Kiss Balm!) I hope Kiko sticks around and more people get to experience this AWESOME brand.

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  1. Would love to be able to go there! I only have one lonely Kiko polish

    1. Jennifer, you know how to get in touch :) If you ever want, just let me know. They will eventually have an online shop though!

  2. I'm so jelly you have Kiko! Buy me everything (I kid)!

    1. I think I already did you buy you everything :-P


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