Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vacation Haul! Picture Heavy Post

Wow look at that unintentional blogging break! In early August, I spontaneously (well, like 9 days notice) decided to head over to Europe to check out some sights. Little fact: I'm obsessed with the claymation Wallace and Gromit. When I went to London in 1996 (or around that), I found out about them, and have loved them ever since. So when I found out about Gromit Unleashed, I had to go. So I did. Then decided I needed to see Paris.

Then I got back, and four days later decided to go to San Francisco and less than 24 hours later, I was packed and ready to go. Very unlike me. But I liked that. So here I am today sharing my nail polish hauls AND the fact that I got to meet three bloggers/polish friends during my travels!

First London! I sported Dior Delice which was perfect and cheery despite the  grey of London. Because traveling with luggage and unpacking, etc. the polish chipped pretty fast. I barely had time for a mani change so I took a Barry M I purchased in London and created French tips. Here's the only picture I snapped of it.

Dior Delice with Barry M Papaya tips:

Then I just had to wear Zoya London in London. Here is two coats of Zoya London with some typical British Breakfast Tea. 

When I went to Bristol to see Gromit Unleashed, Kim from The Ides of Polish joined me. I made her walk for hours looking for Gromits. There were 80 total and we saw 31, which was an accomplishment for me. Here we are with the pirate Gromit! It was such fun, despite our feet being DEAD.

Here is my entire haul from Europe. Could have been a lot worse, but I restrained! I decided to try some new brands too! Check out my new Shakespeare duck that I got at Shakespeare's home in Stratford-Upon-Avon!

Model's Own Toxic Apple, Boogie Nights, Danicing Queen, Sunset Chill
Barry M Guava, Blueberry, Greenberry, Papaya, Key Lime
Random brands (close ups below)
Accessorize Dragonfly, 2true Shade 48, Accessorize Pink Spice
GOSH Frosted Purple (texture), No. 7 Star Shower, Seventeen Cameo Crush (texture)
Kiko Sugar Mats: 643, 644, 645
Kiko LEs: 427, 429, 432
Brown that my sister stole before I wrote it down *edit it's 373*, 338, 388
I came home to a wonderful package from my polish bestie, Jen at My Nail Polish Obsession! She had recently gone on vacation to Hawaii and sent me this amazing package! I may have eaten some of the Hawaiian nuts before I got to picture taking :-D In fact, I ate them in San Francisco.

Top row: OPI Alcatraz Rocks, OPI Rumple's Wiggin, Island Girl Island Heat and Hula Girl
Bottom row: Zoya Carter, Kiko 389, Tony Moly glitter, Crowstoes Love Stinks, KPT Being in the Pink
Then I went to San Francisco, and of course, I had to wear OPI Alcatraz...Rocks, which Jen sent me. Unfortnately, tickets at Alcatraz were sold out for the next 9 days (you read that right), so we couldn't go in but here's a picture with Alacatraz in the background.

The only polish I bought in San Francisco was one of the new Wet n Wild textures! It's so pretty. I also found the Claire's polish for 50 cents in a closing Claire's.

Wet N Wild Beauty is a Battlefield, Claire's Graffiti
While in San Francisco, I met up with Paulina from The Gore Princess. How fun! She showed me the Mission District and I tried a beer brewed in San Francisco.

On the last day, I got to meet Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession. We kind of always have ongoing packages to each other and I think I actually talk to her every day! I think it's awesome we got to make time to meet (and I met two of her adorable kiddos).

Our nails matched! How crazy!? She was sporting a purple (I forgot) with Lynnderella Oh Eric and I was wearing Polish by KPT Being in the Pink (another awesome gift from Jen).

Well I hope you understand my blogging break! You know fall is my favorite, so I can't wait to get back into nail art, especially with Halloween around the corner!

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  1. I love everything about this post!!!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I'm glad it wasn't just me oversharing haha

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for hooking up LH with an awesome group of women!

  3. Thank you for sharing and I love the new randoms very nice

    1. I figured while I was there, I might as well try some new brands in addition to the ones we all know <3

  4. i love this! so glad you had a blast!

  5. thats so cool you met up with other bloggers. thats really special and the power of social media

    1. I agree, Sarah! It was nice to see our online friendships translate into the real world. And we actually barely talked about polish :)

  6. Fantastic haul and trip thanks fro sharing <3!

    1. Thanks for reading, Polished Pisces! It was so fun to buy international polishes!

  7. This post is awesome! I'm so glad we finally had the chance to meet in person! <3 Next time on your turf! ;)


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