Sunday, September 22, 2013

Falling for Nail Art: Back to School

Hey All! Today begins a three month nail art challenge started by Plump and Polished. Unfortunately, I don't have time for 31 day challenges where I need to do art and post every day. PLUS, I like to actually wear my art, not just do one hand and take it off. So this challenge is up my alley with two prompts a week. I'm not promising to do them all, but I will try! I go crazy every year for Halloween anyhow, so expect some fun nail art.

For the first challenge, we have Back to School and I went went with chalkboard nails. Using Wet N Wild Darkest Hour (new tombstone black creme) and Zoya Evvie, I replicated the colors of a blackboard (some are black, some are green!). Using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Wall and Zoya Sookie, I did random doodles you may find on a chalkboard. I then mattified tho whole thing with Hard Candy matte top coat. The RU is for where I teach. And hopefully we all remember 1 + 1 = window!

Back to School Nail Art
Back to School Nail Art
Back to School Nail Art
Back to School Nail Art
Here are the rest of the challenge if you're curious what's ahead!

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