Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Nails All Wrapped Up

More holiday designs! And I'm hoping to squeeze in two to three more. The reason I don't post everyday is because I don't swatch. If I take the time to do nail art, I wear it for a few days!

Anywho, here is something so simple and yet so pretty! I started with a base of Color Club Campfire Red. It is the glowiest red ever. It is a one coater but I did two out of habit. I then swiped on one coat of Victorian Christmas. I actually bought this as a gift, but I loved it so much that I kept it for myself!

After it dried for a few minutes, I drew a line with bows with China Glaze Icicle. Then I went in with a Love & Beauty glitter polish, and put alternating red and green glitters. I really loved this. I sort of want to do another version of these.

Wrapped Gifts Nail Art

Color Club Campfire Red, 2 coats
Wrapped Gifts Nail Art

Wrapped Gifts Nail Art

Wrapped Gifts Nail Art
 Lastly, while wearing this manicure, I decided to trim my nails. They feel weird this short, but which do you prefer?
Wrapped Gifts Nail Art
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  1. I love this mani! The middle glitter really adds this awesome 3d feel to it!
    Which length I prefer? hmmm... hard to say... While I really like long nails (assuming they don't curve completely LOL) I think in this picture the shorter version looks neater.
    But then, it can be because you just worked on them ;-)


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