Monday, August 13, 2012

Dual Gradient: Dotticure Featuring Purple Zoyas and Sonoma Nail Art Sonoma Sunset

EDIT: Added way better pictures :)

I absolutely adore these blogger collaboration days! I was away and almost totally missed this one!

I unfortunately was completely SET on using Sonoma Nail Art Sonoma Sunset, which my amazing polish friend Tina sent me knowing how much I had wanted it. I did a gradient of Sonoma Sunset over two coats of Zoya Lotus. This combo is PERFECTION. Because I knew I wanted to do that mani, I decided, hey, let's gradient dots from the bottom up. Two gradients going two directions?? Hmmm, not so much. But here it is!

For the dots, I used Zoya Carly (magenta), Dannii (lighter purple), and Julieanne (darker purple) to bring out the colors of the glitter in Sonoma Sunset. Sonoma Sunset is a complex combination of purple glitters, which includes amazing periwinkle glitters. There are some medium hexes too, mimicking the microglitter. The balance of the medium hex to smaller glitter is absolutely perfect. Basically, I love this glitter.  I had Tallulah on my toes and just put 20,000 Leagues on my toes, and I must admit, I'm thinking Sonoma Nail Art is becoming one of my favorite indies, along with NailVentourous Lacquers.

I rushed pictures as the sun was going down and will edit this post later with WAY better photos. But here are some:

See that periwinkle glitter??

And Zoya Lotus alone, two coats

Please check out my friends' dotticures too! Some were so creative, I cannot even handle it. I wish I had more time (though, in total, this took about 30 minutes, not too shabby).

Do you think my gradients from both ways failed?

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  1. This is all the different purples and LOVE Sonoma Sunset. Sonoma Nail Art polishes are one my favorites!

  2. I now need to use Carly on her own; it is so pretty!

    I really love the 4 Sonoma Nail Arts that I have. I have so many chunky crazy glitters, that this one is so refreshing (and so unique!)


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