Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Neon Floral Dragonfruit Nail Art

Press Sample

Happy June! June baby here and I m ready for neons. I actually did this manicure last month but had so many other posts that I held off in these. But I absolutely loveeee them. Is it floral? A pomegranate? Dragonfruit? Who knows. Everyone said something different to me. All I know is I saw pretty colors and fun flakes. 

My nails got dirty because I did not take pictures immediately. I keep washing my black pants and they still rub off! Anyway, these are amazing in person and I cannot emphasize that enough. I would never have thought to put neon orange and light purple together! I wore them matte and shiny but love the neons with the matte.

Here are the colors. I love pulling out old colors like the China Glaze.  

  • Zoya Pink Perfector
  • KBShimmer Ice and Easy, 2 coats 
  • Orange: KBShimmer Totally Outrageous 
  • Purple: KBShimmer Bored Shorts
  • Green: China Glaze Treble Maker
  • Black: Stella Chroma New Moon

Why not some pictures in the sun? I love this KBShimmer flake top coat. I use it all the time. 


I wanted to share this in the shade not only to see the gorgeous flake top coat I have as my base, but also because neons are just so much brighter in the shade! I truly love this color combination.

Here it is shiny. I love it much more matte. Also, I wore new black pants that rubbed off on my nails. Whoops. Again, I will never learn and take pictures as soon as I do my nails. I always take pictures days later!

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  1. I love the colors you used. I love the topper. I use that one more than any topper I own. I love the color combination. What day in June should I celebrate your birthday ?? I've never tried it but I hear that a cup of vinegar in the wash stops pants from bleeding color. In any case this manicure is so adorable.Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. Thank you! I use that topper allll the time! I used it for my birthday manicure too (it was the 6th!). Thank you for the suggestion of vinegar! These pants are killing haha. I keep washing them!

    2. Happy belated Birthday. I hope it was a fantastic day.💜

    3. Thank you, Tami!! It was a great day!


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