Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Zoya Lucky, March Color of the Month

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Hello all! Yes I posted the wrong post today, so I moved that one until next week because I have Zoya's March color of the month and due to when they ship and then I was sick, I really only get around to sharing these around the end of the month. The good news is that they have them until they are sold out, so it usually it more than the specific month. If you love green, you will want to check out Lucky!

LUCKY is a celebration of vibrant leaf green, infused with gold and blue glitter, and a fine sprinkling of magic fairy dust that captures the light and the essence of spring.


Lucky: 2 coats plus top coat. Zoya is really in its glitter moment right now. The last few colors of the month and each new collection, including their new spring collection, has included a bunch of the sparkly finishes. I feel like glitter lost popularity for a bit and has been making it come back in 2024. This green is perfect for the spring season and it has a lot of dimension with the gold glitters. It has great coverage and I did not experience staining. First I want to share it in sunlight because look at those sparkles!



Here is Lucky in normal OTT lighting. I love how the glitter lends a bit of gold and blue to the polish. It is such a lush green so the holo glitters break it up. Isn't it pretty? It is definitely a perfect gradient polish. 

Lucky retails for $12. Use the code LUCKY for free shipping.

Grab the color of the month HERE.

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  1. I love this shade of green. I love the glitter finish it's so sparkly. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. I like that Zoya is experimenting with different finishes. It is such a fun green.


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