Friday, November 18, 2022

Zoya Leathers for Fall 2022, Swatches and Review

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Sorry for the unintended break. Things are busy so I think the rest of November might be a little quiet on the blog. I did have awesome ideas for Thanksgiving art, but I just won't get around to it all. Anyway, yes I did show you a winter collection last week. Now I'm sharing a Fall collection. It's still fall, so who cares. I'll be sharing another Zoya Fall collection soon, so stayed tuned!

Gidget: 2 coats plus top coat. A rustic orangey mustard with beige undertones in a full coverage cream formula. I knew this would be a favorite of mine because it’s so unique. I love a good mustard color. I’m so happy that Zoya is being a risk taker by creating such fun colors that I just don’t see from a lot of brands anymore. Yes, this does give me a bit of lobster hands but I really don’t care. I love it. It’s like a darker version of Honey, which is one of my all time favorite Zoyas. 


Ryder: 2 coats. A rich coastal redwood brown in a full coverage cream formula. I love a good brown really any time of year but especially for the fall. This one has a slight bit of red undertone to make it different from other browns. It goes on beautifully though and I feel like it will definitely stamp.


Althea: 2 coats. A darkened mossy green in a full coverage cream formula. This is another classic autumn shade and I love it. There’s a bit of yellow undertone to make the green more mossy. Again, these are types of colors that I love all the year and I certainly love how this one has that muddy tone to it. I’m a big fan.


Sylva: 2 coats. A dark teal with cool undertones in a full coverage cream formula. This is such a deep blue that it’s almost gray and I am totally OK with that. It looks much more blue in the bottle but on the nail, it dries darker. It’s almost like a dark teal. Again I am so happy with some unique colors from Zoya. I fully expected this to stain but it didn’t at all which is totally nice for a deep blue like this.


Dagmar: 2 coats. A deep plum brown with maroon undertones in a full coverage cream formula. To me, this is a very typical fall color and one that I have seen many times. The only great thing about these creams is that they are usually stampers. This one did stain but I fully expected it to so make sure that you wear two coats of base coat. It’s definitely richer of the two pinks in the collection and the one that I prefer. 


Ono: 2 coats. A dark berry magenta in a full coverage cream formula. Like Dagmar, this one also stained. I did take a lint free wipe with some extra acetone and it came off but just a warning for your cuticles. It’s why I swatched these two last. Again, I think this will be a great stamping polish which is why I do hold onto these creams even though for me they are not the most unique colors.  This one will be a gorgeous pedicure a color though. As I wore it, I actually really liked this color so bad me for judging off the bat.


Overall, I really like this color palette and the cremes all have excellent formulas.

Each polish retails for $12. But be on the lookout because Zoya usually does amazing sales around Black Friday.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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