Monday, November 28, 2022

Zoya Café Creams, Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Another Fall collection. Yes, I'm looking at Zoya's Winter collections in front of me, but it's November and I honestly loveeeee all brown tones for November, so this is perfect to share now. In December, I'll get to the holidays! So let's take a look inspired by one of my favorite things: coffee!


Word to the wise, do not use nail clippers on your cuticles right before you swatch. I got a little clip happy with a hangnail and you can see I had some nicks on my nail that made them a little red. So if you thought that was staining, it’s not. It’s me being silly.


Biscuit: 2 coats. Warm milky brown mocha with a peachy undertone and creamy finish. This could have honestly been one coat which super surprised me. I ended up doing two coats because of my longer nails. This isn’t the most flattering color on me on its own but I do love the color. I can definitely see myself using this as a base for nail art or just in nail art in general. But it does give me a slight bit of lobster hands. Excellent formula. 


Kahula: 2 coats. A gingerbread brown with warm reddish undertones. This one is super pretty and it feels unique to me. I really love how the red undertones combine with the gingerbread color. Although I have to say the name confuses me and I keep writing Kahlúa.


Remington: 2 coats. A creamy natural darkened rosewood brown.  I feel like I’ve definitely seen this color at Zoya before yet I’ll never get sick of it. Zoya is known for these types of darkened purple-browns and they are super pretty. I can’t wait to see if this one stamps.


Constance: 2 coats. A deep plum cream with blue undertones. Might as well just say this entire collection is an excellent formula. I like this deep moody color and I sort of want to put this on my toes right now even though no one will see my toes for a few months lol. I like that it’s still definitely purple even though it’s super dark unlike Ophelia, the next color.


Ophelia: 2 coats. A cool, moody blackened brown cream. This is the outlier of the collection and definitely represents the coffee theme. No purple undertones here; this is a brown that’s almost black but in certain lighting, you can definitely see that it is a brown. Super rich super buttery formula. I definitely feel like I have a color like this from Zoya already but I’m finding it hard to place the name to it.


Bonnie: coats. A sheer and luminous rose gold topper which can be worn alone as a semi-textured glitter over your favorite Café Creams (or your favorite ZOYA shade). I put this over Kahula, Remington, and Ophelia. I prefer this over lighter or darker colors. For example, it’s sort of disappears over Kahula. I would put this over a soft white or a darker color like Remington and Ophelia.


Which are you favorites? Do you want any comparisons? Let me know in the comments!

Each polish retails for $12.

If you want any comparisons, let me know in the comments. I feel like some of these colors are similar, but I just don’t have time to go through my entire collection to find them.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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