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Stella Chroma Winter Knits Collection, Swatches and Review

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Hello everyone! I still have some fall collections to share with you but before I do that, I wanted to share the new winter collection and support my girl Pam at Stella Chroma. These polishes release this Friday, November 11th so I wanted to share swatches so you can grab them as soon as they’re available and start wearing them immediately because they are gorgeous. So let’s take a look at the way too many pictures I have of each polish because they’re so dimensional and deserve it!

Let's start with the new scent! I fully intended to pose with it, then forgot, then was annoyed. LOL. I've review Pam's oils so many times and I have to say, nothing compares. This new scent is called Crafternoon. “Inspired by an afternoon sipping wine and crafting with your friends. Fruity notes of apple and orange with a bit of warm wine. Faint notes of rosemary and clove as well. It will be available in our cuticle oil pens for $5 and emulsified sugar scrubs for $12.”

This smell amazing.I hope it sticks around because I will use this year round. If you love a scent, make sure to support it cause then it goes away. The apple is so perfect with the wine and the clove. Perfect balance of scents.

“The Winter Knits collection is inspired by snowy winter weather and the chunky knits that we wear to keep us warm and snuggly!” That’s a theme that I can support because I love cozy nights and sweaters. Here are some other collages to see the polishes in sunlight and with matte topcoat.

A cable knit sweater is one of the warmest, coziest things on the planet. This polish is a delicate, candy pink with iridescent flakies that shift every color of the rainbow and a warm golden shimmer.”

Cable Knit: 3 very thin coats plus top coat then matte.  The amount of coats will depend on how long your nails are because two coats may be enough for you. Such a pretty pink for a winter manicure. It’s soft and soothing and sort of makes you want to make a cup of cocoa. I definitely need a chunky knit sweater in this color so it perfectly matches.


“Some knitters LOVE novelty yarn, and others absolutely hate it. Personally, I'm not a fan, but I recognize that there are times when only a novelty yarn will fit the bill. It is notoriously flashy and attention-getting, just like this silver flakie bling fest. Holographic flakes reflect every color of the rainbow while blue, red, and purple metallic flakes pop.”

Novelty Yarn: 2 coats plus top coat then matte. This one reminds me of the crystal ball they have in Times Square on New Year’s and so now I cannot wait to wear this as my New Year’s manicure. It’s just so blingy and beautiful and the red and blue and purple are just so fun together. 


“Is a knitted hat REALLY complete without a pom pom? No. It isn't! Plus, they're super fun to make. Pom Poms is an icy winter blue with silver holographic flakies that reflect like snowflakes in the sun. It also has a heavy helping of beautiful pink/purple shifting iridescent flakies that seem to glow from within.”

Pom Poms: 3 coats plus topcoat then matte topcoat. I really love this color. What is a winter collection without an icy snowy blue? I cannot wait to put some white stamped snowflakes over this and if I weren’t swatching this in October, I would 100% be doing that right now. I did not want to take this off. This has a similar formula to Cable Knit where you’ll only need two coats if you have shorter nails.


I love knitting socks! But I admit that I don't always have the attention span to complete the pair after finishing the first. I know I'm not the only one! The toe-up method is fun because you can try on your socks as you knit and it helps motivate you to keep going. This shade is a creamy olive green with a strong blue/green shimmer.”

Toe-up: 2 coats plus topcoat then matte. I love all  greens like this and I love when the shimmers contrast with it. This is one of those seasonal polishes that I would wear in the fall, winter, and spring. In fact, I do plan to use art with this collection later but this color is going on pretty soon. I love how it offers a sleek looks without being too muddy. Sometimes these olive green colors can look kind of dull. But the shimmer in this one is so strong and stunning and the formula is absolutely amazing. I love that surprise of the purple shimmer in the indirect sun.


So there you have it. I love small curated collections like this. Plus it makes them super affordable since you can grab all of them and no need to choose. I will definitely be keeping these in my rotation for a long time. I can see pom-pom is one of those colors that I put on when I don’t know what I want to wear. So let me know which ones are your favorites and if you plan on picking these up.

This collection releases on November 11th at noon EST. Each polishes retails for $13 each. The full set will be available at a discounted price of $47 from Nov 11th - 18th.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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