Friday, January 31, 2020

NYC Window Displays for Holidays 2019

I have a different post for you today, and it's a mini tour around Manhattan and the holiday displays they had this past season. Why post it now? Well, 1) I didn't see all the displays until January 1 and 2) they give me nail art inspiration year round! So now that I finally had the time, I sat down to share some of the top window displays from the holiday season.

This was the only picture I took at Saks Fifth Ave, which was Frozen themed. I just didn't find it impression. It was basically the Frozen characters. meh. I did like this window the most.

Turn around from Saks Fifth Avenue and you'll see the Rockefeller Center tree, which I go to every year with my darling. I actually always post a picture of us, but they changed how you can stand and it was sooooo busy and hectic and the picture is just okay. It's much worse to visit the last two years than before. SO sad.

I really love the Lotte Palace tree, which is behind Saks Fifth Ave. It's sort of a tree that no one knows about but it's stunning! The second picture is a detail of the ornaments and ribbon on the tree.

This is my all-time favorite display on 6th Ave (around 48-49th streets) and I look forward to it every year. I love the larger than life lights and the plug is a great detail!

This was the red, white, and blue tree at the Fox News Headquarters (no politics!). It's so pretty! I'm surprised that this color palette still read so holiday!

Dolce and Gabanna always has cute displays and I love this indulgent dinner scene!

Tiffany's lately includes mice in their displays, which I love, because I love mice (well cartoon ones and figures, not the actual). I chose my favorite scenes like mice making s'mores and fondue! Cute. Remember to click on this for more details.

Louis Vuitton "Wrapped" their building in a rainbow, so that was pretty to see in person!

Next up is Macy's, which always has a fun display. This year, a girl wanted to be Santa and they had mixed media (you can see her in the tv in the first image). This one was also interactive. You could "touch" the dog's nose so its tail would wag or be a part of the display with their selfie station.

The last display I have for today is Bergdrof Goodman which I told you previous is my absolute favorite store for window displays. Every year, they knock it out of the park. This year was themed with fun and games and it's amazing. Absolutely click the photos to see the details and full size. The colors, finishes, and creativity always shock me. Stunning.

I enjoyed looking back at the holiday windows. I love NYC during the holidays and just looking at these again makes me so happy!

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  1. These are very pretty. I like seeing different cities and what they do for Christmas. Glasgow is very colourful at Christmas :-)


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