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September Polish Pickup Offerings: Magic & Alchemy

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It's Polish Pickup time! I feel like I haven't posted about it in so long but I guess it's been a long month! This month's theme is Magic and Alchemy, which is fun since it ties into Halloween in October. All of these polishes and body products make me happy. So let's get to it since there's a lot.

Alter Ego
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Magical Amber:  3 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $9, no cap.
Inspiration: Amber Boosts optimism, facilitates self-expression, attracts friends and helps to find partner in life, brings victory. Amber beads on a red thread repels witches and malicious spirits. It was believed in the old days that there is no such ailment the Amber would not heal.
Thoughts: This thermal is the colors in amber. It moves from a yellow base when warm, to orangey red. It's so perfect for pumpkin manicures. I can't wait to put it back on. It's a little sheer, but I don't think I'll care once I do art. It dries a bit matte, so use top coat for shine.

Bath Blast with Unpolished Amber Surprise

Cost and cap: $9, cap of 30.
Inspiration: Amber's healing powers. This has no oils in it at all; ingredients are baking soda, corn starch, citric acid and the binder is witch hazel.  All these ingredients are more along the skin soothing line, rather than the skin moisturizing line like my usual formula.  HOWEVER, it is even more crumbly than the other formula.  Embedded in the bath blast is a ROUGH CUT piece of amber. All different sizes and weights made it difficult to determine how much product there is per blast. Each bomb is 6 ounces before the rock.
Scent: Unscented.
Thoughts: Cynthia suggests unwrapping this over the tub in case of minor cracks. It did come wrapped in bubble wrap and with packaging peanuts, and mine was perfectly in tact.  This is more of a fizzer and I can see people with allergies or scent issues enjoying this. I would typically pair this with a rainbow bubble bar, but left it as for the sake of the review. You can see my piece of amber was fairly large!

Aurora Lacquer
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Once More the Sith Will Rule the Galaxy: 3 coats plus top coat. Magnetized on 2, 3, and top coat.
Cost & Cap: $12, 100 cap.
Inspiration: "Star Wars. This is a deep blue multi-chrome magnetic polish based on sith alchemy, which was dark side technique used to create dark illusions. Use the Force on this polish (or a magnet) and watch it change from a standard multi-chrome to one packed with flakies!"
Thoughts:  This is a magnetic polish, but the magnetic shift was much more apparent in person. It shifts a similar color so it's not in your face. In fact, it sort of reminds me of a galaxy. I temporarily lost my bar magnet, which is my strongest, so I used a paddle one. It's a dark blue/green polish with a darker magnetic pull.  There's some flakes and holo for good measure.

Fiendish Fancies  
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You Want to Be Fooled: 3 coats plus top coat, then with matte top coat.
Cost & Cap: $12, 75 US, 15 UK.
Inspiration: The Prestige
Thoughts: This is a "glow in the dark metallic gunmetal with holographic and iridescent." The glow aspect was very faint for me and it just looked like a black photo. You'll see it in person but not in photos. But that being said, this is sooo pretty! I love the iridescent glitter and how it bounces off the dark base. There's so much sparkle in this!

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Something Wicca Comes This Way:  2 coats plus top coat. Magnetized on second coat and top coat.
Cost & Cap: $10, no cap.
Inspiration: "College was hard, but what made those years bearable for me was coming home to watch The WB!  In the late 90’s and early 00’s, The WB had all the magical shows: Buffy, Angel, and my favorite, Charmed.  Charmed featured a trio of sisters trying to make it in the world, all while dealing with a family loss and their newfound identities as, "The Charmed Ones," the most powerful good witches of all time!  Fans of the show discussed whether Dan or Leo should win Piper's hand, had a love-hate relationship with Cole, and many even wanted their our own Book Of Shadows.  Inspired by this magical show, Something Wicca This Way Comes is a magnetic polish full of mystery and magic." 
Thoughts: I love Charmed. The first few seasons were some of my favorite, but once Prue left, I sort of fizzled on the show, but still loosely watched it. There's so much going on with this polish and I love it! It's sort of a metallic grey base but wtf, the magnet exposes blues, coppers, and overall awesomeness. I used an S magnet from KBShimmer and I new to using one, so I made a chaotic look but I love it! This is such a fun polish. The flakes are awesome too. There's all these multichrome shifts and they are just phenoms.

Lime Margarita Scrub

Cost and Cap: $10, no cap.
Scent: "As summer draws closer to its end, I find myself feeling nostalgic, and watching old movies.  One movie I recently re-watched was Practical Magic.  This witchy movie follows a cursed family who struggles with their relationships with men and each other.  One of my favorite scenes starts with the sound of a blender. Then, the quartet of witches sings about limes and coconuts while sipping their margaritas.  This magical scene inspired our September sugar scrub, Lime Margarita.  This juicy, drink-inspired scent starts with notes of salty lime blended with subtle hints of raspberry, apple, strawberry, and peach. Finished with wisps of jasmine and vanilla, this scent smells so much like the real thing that you'll wish you could drink it!"
Thoughts: I literally yelped when I saw that Practical Magic  was getting a product. I love this movie soooo much and I feel like no one has seen it. Please, everyone go see it and watch Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock be the best witches ever. I've reviewed the scrub many times. It's a great formula, super softening, and not too oily. The scent is fabulous and refreshing.

Lollipop Posse Lacquer

The Alchemical Child: 3 coats, but would be 2 coats on shorter nails/less opaque nail line.
Cost & Cap: $13, no cap.
Inspiration: "When the theme was first announced, I knew I had to work with my current literary obsession: Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy. The trilogy follows the story of Diana Bishop, a medieval history professor and witch who discovers a long-thought lost alchemy script, Ashmole 782. I looked to this image of the alchemical child from Ashmole 782 in the television series "A Discovery of Witches" for inspiration."
Thoughts'The Alchemical Child' is a purpley/red based multichrome that shifts between red, orange, rust, and gold. This practically bounces off my nails with gorgeous glow. I see myself wearing this a lot all fall, as it's fall in a bottle. The shifts are gorgeous, but the base color alone wins me over. Gorgeous shimmer!

Stella Chroma
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Light My Fire:  3 coats plus top coat. 2 for shorter nails.
Cost & Cap: $12 for 15mL, no cap.
Inspiration: Inspired by the beautiful Melisandre from Game of Thrones. So many questions surrounding her character... the biggest being do we like her or not? We don't know. Was she good or bad? Don't know about that one either. What we do know is that we love this polish.
Thoughts: This is a a scarlet base with linear holo and a glowing gold shimmer. Holy wow, this wins me over. I love deep reds like this. I don't know GOT but I am down with this color. The shimmer really pops against the base and it's so pretty. This is another fall color and I will see myself reaching for this a lot. It's also very holiday too!

Cinnamon Dolce Coffee Body Polish

Cost and Cap: $13. for 4.35 oz jar, no cap
Scent Description: Coffee Body Polish is as moisturizing as our sugar scrub, but the addition of coffee grounds and turbinado sugar make it grittier and perfect for the less sensitive skin of the body. It’s fabulous for polishing feet, legs, and arms. Caffeine is known to tone the skin when used topically and this product will leave your skin glowing!
InspirationWe went with this product for Magic and Alchemy month because if combining beans and water to make glorious coffee isn't magical, then nothing is. Scented like a cinnamon dolce latte, this coarser scrub uses white sugar, turbinado sugar, and coffee grounds to scrub away dull skin and leave glowing, toned skin behind. (Caffeine is magical stuff!)
Thoughts: I reviewed this product HERE and I can't rave about it enough. It leaves my skin feeling alive and refreshed and it smells amazing. I keep going through jars of this!

These polishes and both & body products will be available September 6th-9th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and $5 to Canada.

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Products in the post provided for honest review.

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  1. Such gorgeous colors! This will be a rough month for my wallet. Thanks for your review!

  2. I love this months theme! The shades are all so gorgeous, I especially love the Lollipop and Stella on you!

  3. There are so many beautiful polishes and your swatches are just wonderful!


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