Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Futurama Bender in Space Nail Art

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Happy Birthday to my darling! Well, his birthday was this past Saturday and we had an excellent weeked! I always share what I wear for his birthday and I usually theme it. I've done so many manicures in his "honor"--sometimes he asks me to do a ceratin color or a theme. Well he loves The Simpsons  and Futurama. Since I've done many Simpsons manicures, I wanted to do a Bender nail art! We recently watched the episode "G-dfellas" and I loved the gorgeous scene of Bender in space and that was my inspo! I also made him a cake with Bender on it this year too!

Futurama Bender in Space Nail Art

As I said, we recently watched the Futurama episode "G-dfellas" and it's such a great episode. It actually won the first Writer's Guild of America award for Animation in 2003. How cool is that? My boyfriend actually mentioned that the space images used in the episode were real images from space! And well, my brain went ding ding ding, and I knew this would be his birthday mani! And it's currently what I'm wearing.

Futurama Bender in Space Nail Art

The neon space mani was totally new for me and I love how it came out. Space manis are great because you can't mess them up! Just blob colors with a makeup sponge, add some holo top coat, and white dots. You're done!

Colors Used:
  • Black: KBShimmer Eclipse
  • White Creme polish (got a freebie from CVS and forgot the brand!)
  • Hot Pink: KBShimmer How Low Can You Flamingo
  • Hot Orange Please Don't Glow Girl 
  • Hot Purple: KBShimmer Let's Be Frank
  • Hot Blue: Stella Chroma Grab the Wheel
  • Light Blue: Stella Chroma Puffo 
  • Holo Top Coat: KBShimmer A Star is Formed

The whole look took around 30 minutes to create! I wore it shiny for a day and then rocked it matte--well, am still rocking it matte.

Futurama Bender in Space Nail Art

Futurama Bender in Space Nail Art

Bender actually has an entire village living on his stomach in this scene. You just have to watch the show!

Futurama Bender in Space Nail Art

Well there's my Bender look! I think the silhouette of him against the neon space base is really fun, but I'll definitely do a full-on Bender look soon. And here's another cheers to my darling during his birthday month!

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  1. Beautiful space mani, love the shades, looking so pretty together 😍

    1. All inspired by the images! I never usually go for neons in my galaxies but this was awesome

  2. This is such a wonderful space mani! I LOVE FUTURAMA!!


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