Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tips and Sips hosted by The Painted Nail

Nothing to Disclose

Tips and Sips was a private event hosted by Katie Carzola of The Painted Nail. Unlike other Cosmoprof events, this event focused on NAILS! While I loved seeing makeup and hair products, in the end, I'm all about the nails. This was a much more intimate event where we got to talk directly to companies without the hustle and bustle of thousands of other people.

As we entered, we saw all the brands that sponsored the event. See that awesome indie Jen and I are pointing out?!

KBSHIMMER: KbShimmer showed off their fall collection and their new water slide decals. I loved their light up display! They also had all their awesome rainbow nail tools on display. They are so gorgeous.

SALON PERFECT: I discussed Salon Perfect when I review two of their newest neons HERE. Here's the rest of the collection! I need to find them because the quality is amazing.

Footlogix and The Painted Nail were on the same booth. Footlogix released those adorable pedi flip flops and I've been wearing them for EVERY pedi. They are so comfortable! You can also see The Painted Nail's neon collection and steam off gel machine. My swatches of one of her neons can be found HERE

LLAROWE: Llarowe was also there to represent some indies! Although she may not be an indie stockist anymore, it was great to see her showing off so many brands at a high profile industry event!

ESSIE: I showed you the Essie watercolors in my recap a few weeks ago, but here's more pictures!

GABRIEL: Gabriel is a brand I had heard of but never tried! They are 5-free and can be found at stores like Whole Foods! They have a huge variety of colors.

ENP: This is a gel brand known to any gel enthusiast. They also have matchable sets which include the gel polish and a matching regular polish for your toes!

Also, check out those mini bottles--that's a special gel top coat that can go over ANY polish and be cured! Double duty!

CUCCIO: WOW. I had heard of this brand before but now seeing everything they offer, is just amazing! I have seen many of these products in Sally's (open to the public) and Cosmoprof stores but you have to be licensed in order to purchase at the store. You can browse what they offer online.

Cuccio offers more than nail polish! They have nail art tools including striping tape and dotting tools. There's also cuticle care and foot scrubs, and even those awesome finger caps to soak off gel polish (or your tough glitters!)

Cuccio also produces ASP gel nail polish and they have their own mini gel lamp and starter kit! I'm really excited to use it. They also showed off two of their new collections for the fall: Royale and Nudes. I am SO excited to show you these. Color me impressed.

Look at these shimmers!!! Amazing. 

NINJA POLISH: Ninja Polish was also there and showed off her newest Infinity Gems as well as her other collections.

There were many other brands there too like Gel II and Jessica but my pictures decided to come out poorly. I do have polishes to show you from both brands though! And for the final photo, we took a picture with Katie Carzola herself!

These events are always so fun but there's so much information. Make sure to comment with what you're looking forward to or any questions!

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