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Cosmoprof NA 2015 Recap 3: Zoya and more brands!

Nothing to Disclose

I'm back with more brand spot lights from Cosmoprof! There really is so much and it's difficult to put it all in one post! I have a few more after this, so let's dive right in. And I have to apologize for my spotiness; my laptop is completely fried and I'm not able to use it!

ZOYA: Zoya gave us a preview of their fall colors and explained a bit more of the Naked Manicure Concept. I found out they are not simply sheer polishes but perfectors. If you have stains, these are great for you!

I showed you the Focus & Flair photos with the press release last week but here's a reminder! These are available for preorder now!

MOYOU: I love stopping by Moyou because Richard, the owner, is so passionate about his products!

First, Moyou is releasing 10 new FULL size plates! I have pictures of a few below, but there are themes like wedding, summer, Halloween and more! They also released a big squishy stamper for $8. I have that to try out and show you later. Their range of stamping polishes is also growing!

They will also be releasing the Miss Nella nail polish which is directed to kids. I will be showing you this polish on my friend's kid! Miss Nella polishes are so safe and non-toxic. What's awesome is that the polish literally dries in 2 minutes (we actually tried it out) and then you can peel it off with no damage to your nail! You don't even need to use remover on your kid.

ELLA + MILA: This brand is on the Cosmoprof's To Watch list and I met with them at the Discover Beauty section. Ella + Mila is 5 free and vegan and is PETA certified. It's even made in the US! They have over 80 colors in their range and 7 collections.

How cute is this Mommy and Me set? It's a big and small bottle with adorable decals.

They have a soy polish remover coming out along with nail treatments. You can find them at Anthropologie, in various salons (e-mail them) and online retailers.

IMPALA: We've seen this Brazilian brands at places like Ricky's and Llarowe and I loved meeting the people behind the brand! First is the summer collection which includes four cremes and a yellow shimmer. I've already swatched these and the formula is amazing! The color to the right (Stone) is amazing and I've already used it three times!

Next is the Plumy collection. This includes three glitters that are reminiscent of feathers. It's smaller bar glitter with lots of texture added with different shapes.

This is the Fall collection, called the Secrets collection. It consists of 5 colors and one shimmer topper. The topper is so versatile! I've been using it a lot. As with the others, swatches to come!

LEIGHTON DENNY: Leighton Denny is a UK-based brand, hoping to get its way into the American market. First, here's their Fall collection with some vampy colors and shimmers. 

They have a huge range of colors! 

If you couldn't see on top of the display, they also have adorable minis!

FABY: This is a great Italian brand making its way to the U.S. You can currently purchase their polishes through their web site. Fellow bloggers are already saying the top coat is the best top coat they have ever used, so I'm pretty excited to try it out with their signature red polish that I got!

I love seeing nail swatches like this. You can see just how many colors they have!

Phew! I hope you enjoyed all this information regarding nail brands that I saw at Cosmoprof 2015! Of course, I couldn't see everyone, but I saw the major players and was introduced to some awesome brands! Next, I'll be sharing some images from The Painted Nail's event Tips and Sips!

So tell me, which brand do you want to try?!
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