Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zoya Glassfleck Gradient with Lynnderella Common Sense

First thing's first: If you don't know, I'm obsessed with Halloween. All things Halloween. And I love nail art. I have entered a nail art contest and would love for my followers to vote for me!

Vote HERE. Voting continues until October 21st! So vote every day. I'm #26 on the freehand category, the last picture before the voting box. If you love my nail art, then do vote! I'll put reminders every other post or so :)

Ok on to the polish: Here's another manicure I absolutely did not want to take off. I really love when I expect a polish to be amazing and then it turns out to be so...and more.

When Lynnderella came out with her Sweet Summer collection, Common Sense blew me away. Despite the yadda-yadda drama, I admit when polishes are gorgeous. Common Sense is made up of rose gold and copper glitter of different sizes, but mostly medium to small. I love the uniformity of it. No giant glitters in here and that's exactly why I love it (giant glitter is great, but sometimes I like a most consistent look). All pictures are one coat of Common Sense over my Zoya gradient. I did need two coats of top coat though as I wanted it perfectly smooth.

I took advantage of the Zoya BOGO and got Tiffany and Gloria. This created a really subtle but stunning gradient that picked up the colors of Common Sense. Loved it all so much AND I used three untrieds!

Yes, this is one coat. No dabbing needed. Perfect consistency. 
Zoya Tiffany alone. 2 coats. Peach Glassfleck and gorgeous.

Zoya Gloria gradient over Tiffany. Gloria is a pink-red glassfleck.

It's subtle but the gradient is there

Do you love this as much as I do?


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