Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spotlight on my Etsy shop: ehmkay designs.

Since I have hit 100 followers, I thought I would post about my etsy shop, ehmkay designs.

If you don't know, I make nail polish jewelry. Yea, yea, everyone does it. But does everyone used 5-12 polishes PER piece? That is what sets me apart. While I have mostly been doing custom orders, I have tons of jewelry that I have already made, available in my shop. There is a tab on the top of my blog with links and pictures of some of my pieces.

Additionally, because I find the sparkle is difficult to capture by photo, I offer videos of my jewelry to show live glittery action.

Recently, I have added sterling silver chains for the silver pendants, and gorgeous silk ribbon double strand necklaces for bronze pendants. These are included in the pendant price.

Lastly, I have expanded and now offer silver rings, silver studs, and white gold hook earrings. All my jewelry is nickel-free. I have added pictures of some pieces below, but definitely take a look at my shop!

Link to Piece

Link to Piece

Link to piece
Link to Piece

Thank you all for taking the time to look at my  Etsy Shop!

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