Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ultimate Galaxy Nails

Last week was my boyfriend's birthday and we had an awesome time celebrating! I had ordered a special polish to wear on his birthday, but it didn't arrive in time (but you will see it soon; it is stunning). So instead, I went with galaxy nails! Boyfriend loves space and watching shows about the universe, AND galaxy nails were actually the FIRST nail art I ever tried a little over a year ago.

So what do you think?! I spent a little over an hour on these but I think they were amazing. I was sad to take them off.  There are 8 million pictures, with the colors at the bottom and a picture of the first time I ever did galaxy nails! I forgot to add my bottle of IMN Northern Lights, which is what I topped this look with

That might be my boyfriend in the background..

All the colors I used for this look.

First time I ever did galaxy nails...uh, I was a bit shakey

Birthday beers for the boy!

Happy Birthday to the boy!  He loved this manicure so much, he requested that I do them once a month!

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  1. Nicely done! My favourite thing about galaxy nails is that everyone who does them does them differently and it STILL looks amazing =)

    1. I Agree! No matter what colors you choose or your method, they will still come out cool!


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