Monday, July 2, 2012

KB Shimmer All American for the 4th!

Today's post features a red, white, and blue manicure that I had done for Memorial Day, but it equally fits for 4th of July (although I have another one planned). I started with 3-4 coats of KB Shimmer All American. The next time I wear this I will definitely be layering it over one coat of Zoya Robyn. The polish is so jam packed with glitter, that my nails were rather thick after three coats. If you have short nails, you could probably get away with less coats. All American has tons of bar glitter, white and navy blue hexes, holographic stars, red square glitter, among others. Because there is so much glitter, this did require way too many coats of top coat. Remember to layer this one!

Because I wasn't happy with my nail line showing, I grabbed a red glitter from Rite Aid, one of those cute ones in the snowman bottles during the holidays and simply dabbed it on the tips. 

The next morning, I decided I wanted more red, so I added more red glitter to the tips.
 It was so festive!

What do you have planned for your 4th of July mani? I love holidays because they give me a reason to do some themed nail art!

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    1. Me too. But I don't think I'll be pulling this polish out for a longgg time. Haha


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