Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NailVenturous Joker: A Bottle of Squishy Love

I really cherish my NailVenturous polish collection. It is an indie brand that I completely trust and am always blown away by. Not to mention, Amy's polishes wear SO well on me. Usually glitters tend to chip easily, but her polishes always manage to stay at least 4 days of my nails before I decide I'm aching to try another one of her polishes.

Today I am showing you Joker. Joker is in a vibrant purple jelly base (see bottle shot) and it has larger lime green hex glitter, smaller clear/white glitter (I can't even figure it out) and microglitter in blue and copper. I'm probably missing some. My camera kept pulling the green glitter as gold, but it is definitely green.

Well I decided I wanted Joker to be super squishy. Although you can absolutely wear Joker on its own, I decided to layer it over two coats of Zoya Katharine. My version is from the Peter Som box that I won from Pointless Cafe's 1000 follower giveaway (and now she hit 1,500! Congrats Sheila!). Obviously two coats of Katharine is not enough to cover your nails, but I knew I was adding glitter over it.

I added one coat of Seche Vite, which you see pulled my tips. Boo. I had a brain fart and forgot that Zoya and Seche Vite don't get alone. But nevertheless, loved this combo and how Katharine somewhat transformed the base of Joker. I will add this was the meanest polish to remove, but utterly worth it.

Zoya Katharine at two coats. Squishy base

See how Katharine morphs the base of Joker?

So gorgeous on the bottle and the nail.

So tell me...what is your favorite NailVenturous Lacquer? I love them all!

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  1. gorgeous! I love all of them really, she had some really well made polishes. I wish her all of the best!

  2. Thank you so much looks awesome with that combo and also on its own! I can't wait to get it!!!!!


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