Saturday, January 13, 2024

Zoya Magical, Winter 2023 Swatches and Review

Press Sample 

So yes, this is a holiday collection but holiday collections typically mean winter collections since the colors are sparkly and fun for the winter season. So I am here to show off this collection which is still available. 

Adara: 2 coats. A radiant lapis blue, where flecks of rose gold dance alongside twinkling blue glitters, creating a symphony of sparkle on your fingertips. This is a lovely and rich blue that is perfect for the winter time. I love the subtle flecks of gold and pink within the polish. I am happy to report that the only staining I had was on my dry cuticles upon removal but nothing a lint free wipe did not fix.


Bisoux: 3 coats. Dive into a delicate opal pink kissed with rose micro-flakes and a sprinkle of gold and holographic dazzle. I love that Zoya is getting into more fun, holographic glitter finishes. I especially love when these finishes have a base color and this soft pink is really pretty. If you wanted a more opaque look, I would definitely put one coat over a pink base. When you remove it, there will be glitter everywhere but it is worth it for the super pretty color.


Cherri: 2 coats. Dip your tips in a rich blue-red cream, a classic shade that never ceases to captivate.  The minute I put this on, I knew it would stain, and I wish I had swatched it last. But oh well. This one dries down a bit matte on the first coat but shiny on the second. I literally wore this for maybe three minutes because I wanted it off ASAP and it destroyed my nails. Zoya reds always stain my nails and I wish they would not.


Fairleigh: 3 coats. Drift into fantasy with an oyster shell hue, casting holographic spells in a micro-shimmer formula.  Fairleigh has the same finish as Bisoux but has a different base color. I think I like Fairleigh a bit more which is a little more of a lavender tint. I feel like it is more ethereal. It is just really pretty.


Inez: 2 coats. Radiate in a lively amaranth magenta, adorned with rose gold micro-flakes that shimmer with every move.  Ines has the same finish as Adara with those really pretty flecks of color. I do prefer this finish because it is really pretty without the mess of the glitters, although I do love Fairleigh. If you see a little glitter on my nails, it is because the previous polishes were the gifts that keep on giving.


Vixen: 2 coats. Embrace the night with this seductive blackened cherry cream, offering flawless allure in just two coats.  Just like Cherri, the minute I put this on, I knew it would be a stainer. This is not a color that I gravitate towards but I definitely know a lot of people love a vampy red, so make sure you double up on basecoat. This one is also super high gloss. I am not sure I have ever seen such a shiny polish.


Cherri and Vixen are not winners in my book but the other four are very pretty and I definitely love that Zoya is playing with different finishes. After I finished swatching, I had to do a full cuticle removal and trimming to clean up my nail beds and my poor cuticles that were super dyed red.


  1. Great swatches. I really like Inez ,Fairleigh and Bisoux. I appreciate you destroying your nails to show us these polishes. I avoid stainers like the plague. I might buy them but I won't wear them lol. My nails are suffering right now too but because of the cold and hand washing I believe. Today is -35°C with the wind feels like -47°C

    1. Haha, Zoya reds always destroy! I ended up chopping my nails off after this so they can look healthy again. I do love those soft glitters though! I hope you are staying warm. We got our first snow in over two years!

  2. Beautiful collection, Adara and Fairleigh are my favourites! :-)


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