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KBShimmer The Chosen One, February Polish Pickup

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This month's theme is 90s TV! As someone who grew up on 90s TV, this theme is perfect. Of course, everyone is so diverse in their choices and the theme really leads up to have so many fun polishes. KBShimmer is on the reflective polish train, and here's a moody one to fit the theme!

Cucumber Melon Hand & Body Scrub: $10, No Cap

"Those bath and body stores scented my teen years, but the one scent that dominated was cucumber melon.  The sweet scent of ripe honeydew and watermelon blended perfectly with crisp, cool cucumber for a fresh scent that we layered on with lotions and body sprays.  Our February scrub honors that classic cucumber melon scent.  A soft melon orange is swirled with a pale green, for a scrub that will take you back to the '90s."

I do not think you could be a tween or teenager without going to Bath and Body Works and grabbing some cucumber melon lotion and mist. I know I had it. This scent totally brings me back! It is a nice balance of sweet melon and fresh cucumber.

KBShimmer The Chosen One Nail Polish: $11,  No Cap -

"The Chosen One is a shifty, reflective shade that echoes the dark world of vampire slayers.  A deep base boasts a color shift from a bold blue to a nearly blackened purple hue.  Silver reflective glitters twinkle and catch the light, for a sparkling shade any slayer would be proud to wear.  This shade is loaded with pigment, and is thicker than our normal shades."

KBShimmer The Chosen One: 2 coats. Then with top coat.  All right so I totally watched Buffy without permission haha. Was I a little young to watch it, probably. Did I grow up when the series finished? Yes. Haha. Although I think of black or deep red polish when I think of Buffy, the idea of reflective and Buffy is fun. This one definitely had a slight purple shift, but it wanted to hide. So pretty! It reminds me of night when she went out to slay vampires!

Here is the polish with flash. In the wild, the reflective comes out under different lighting. I wore Say It Ain't Cilantro and random restaurant lighting and such would make the reflective come out!


Here it is with top coat. While I do prefer the look of the polish with top coat, I do find that the reflective effect is a little more muted. It is certainly still there, but when you compare back-to-back, you can definitely see a slightly less reflective finish!


These items will be available February 4th-7th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and starts at $6 to Canada.

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