Wednesday, January 5, 2022

January 2022 Polish Pickup Offerings

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Hi All! I'm here just in the nick of time with Polish Pickup! I had them swatched but got really sick and now I am playing catch up! I have the offerings from KBShimmer and Stella Chroma, two of my favorite indies! So let's check them out since they will be available this Friday, January 7th!





Nail Polish Thinner: This month, KBShimmer will offer their awesome thinner! I have and use this product! In fact, I just went through some 10+ year old indies and I will be fixing some more up!

KBShimmer Say It Ain't Cilantro: 3 coats, dries textured. I showed it both on its own and then with top coat. "Say It Ain’t Cilantro is a fun, herb green polish loaded with a blend of reflective pigments.  In low lighting, a deep, almost cilantro leaf green hue subtly catches the light for a muted twinkle.  In bright light or with flash, the color vivifies, showing off a bold and sparkly lime hue.  Indoors or out, this shade is a must-have for green lovers." $11, no cap. I used this in my reflective Christmas tree art last month and it is so fun! With flash, it is like wow. I actually got flashes of it in the wild under other random light too. Love this shade of green.

Stella Chroma
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Lemon Curd Sugar Scrub
: "Our creamy, scrubby scrub is scented with a light lemon scent that’s warmed up with a tad of vanilla. Inspired by the British fruity spread." Yess I love lemony scents! The vanilla offsets this so that it is just a delicious scent! $6.50 for 2.5 oz. No cap. 

Here I Go, Here I Go: 2 coats. This dries matte naturally and then I shared it with top coat. "We were inspired by Salt N Pepa’s Shoop for spices and condiments month! If you aren’t familiar with the song, so yourself a favor and go look it up. You’re welcome. This matte beige was inspired by their outfits in the beginning of the video. Sprinkled with warm glitters of bronze and gold with some clear holo as well." $13 for 15 mL, no cap. This reminds me of granite. I feel like this shade of neutral base will look good on any skin tone. I love the speckled look and the bit of sparkle. So pretty!

These items will be available January 7th-10th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and starts at $6 to Canada.

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Products in the post provided for honest review.

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