Friday, August 20, 2021

KBShimmer RV There Yet? Gradient + Clean Up Brush Review

 Press Sample

I have done it again. I've had this art of my to-do list since May and just kept pushing it off as I had to swatch other things or wanted to do something else. Then I did the art and took forever to post it, LOL. Well, here ya go. And actually, I originally did something else with these polishes, hated it, took it off, and overall just failed at all of it. 

So my original plan was to do a gradient of three of the new KBShimmer polishes. The periwinkle is RV Yet There? The red is Pitcher This. And the yellow is Perfectly Suited. When I did the gradient over white, they looked blah and it turned out to be a complete mess. 



Rather, I took the colors and did like an ombre sunset across my nails. My thumb is RV There Yet? My index is RV There Yet and Pitcher This as a vertical gradient. Middle is Pitcher This and so on and so forth. This was much simpler but I overall really liked the effect more!

Here is an awkward shot but I wanted to share the effect with my thumb. It was really so pretty to wear and took no time at all! Topped it with one coat of top coat.


KBShimmer also released a new line of clean-up brushes. I chose the angled brush because for me, it's more precision to get into those nooks and crannies. I normally am a huge mess with gradients and this cleaned me up right away. You can find it HERE. I have used this a bunch of times and it still looks new and works great!

All these colors are available now! The polishes are $11 and the clean-up brush is $9.

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