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KBShimmer All the Fall Things

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So ready for Fall. Fall has always been my favorite. My mom dressed me up as a pumpkin as a baby and well, Halloween and fall are life to me. It doesn't hurt that I live in the Northeast and get the crisp weather, awesome foliage, and apple orchards. This is the epitome of KBShimmer's newest collection and I am here for it. It's a nine-piece collection so grab your cider and take a seat.

Here is the full description of the collection from KBShimmer:

"There is just something special about Fall.  Maybe it’s the warm days and cool evenings, or the flamboyant show put on by the maple and oak trees.  Maybe it’s just the comfort factor; warm cinnamon enveloping food and drink, and soft sweaters and warm blankets being pulled out of the closet.  When stores are filled with pencils and notebooks, and caramel apples and pumpkins start to appear, it can only mean autumn is upon us.  Fall is the time of year where staying cozy is king, hayrides are in demand, and pumpkin spice is life!  Join KBShimmer as we celebrate the change in seasons with our nine-piece collection honoring all that is Fall."

 The full set will come with the three stickers below, which I LOVE and a the Halloween bottle in a magnet (not sure why it didn't make it into the photo whoops). I think the pumpkin design is my favorite.

Fully Booked: 2 coats but almost a one coater. "Fully Booked is a nod to those classically colored novels of days gone by. This rich olive-green hue is loaded with linear holo pigment." I definitely have some old leather bound books that have aged to this color. This is a chameleon. Sometimes it looks grey and other times green. I love the color and its uniqueness.

Slay Cozy: 2 coats for depth, but this really was a one coater. "Slay Cozy is a nod to all things warm and toasty. A warm, rusty, burnt-orange hue loaded with linear holographic pigment." Like Fully Booked, this can look more orange or more red depending on lighting and skin tone. I think this one might even stamp! A true fall holo.

Bittersweet Symphony: 3 thin coats plus top coat, but 2 will do. I had the tiniest VNL at two coats so I added a third for photos, but I would wear two in real life. "Bittersweet Symphony features a subtle taupe base that sets off a warm, ember-like shimmer. Glitters in hues of crimson and orange dance like those brazen berries." Don't be mad, but this is one of those sort of ugly but I loooove colors. I'm just digging the murky taupe, the shifting shimmer, and the glitters. I did an extra coat for moaaaar glitter.

Eyes on the Pies: 3 coats. 2 had VNL on me, but my nail line is super opaque. "Eyes On The Pies is a deep purple jelly nail polish. Flakes that shift between pink, fuchsia and orange shine through for a delectable treat for your nails." I really like how the flakes are in this almost electric blurple base. They just pop! This is super shifty and I think I captured it because it is WOW. I can't wait to wear this matte and do some leaf and tree stamping.

Quantum Leaf 2020: 3 thin coats plus top coat. I did not need to fish out glitter at all, but KBShimmer mentions you might want to turn the bottle upside down.  "A 2012 shade reformulated for 2020, Quantum Leaf has a rustic yellow gold color as the base of this autumn polish. A mix of large, medium, and small glitters in hues of orange, copper, gold and red mimic the warm colors of fall leaves. A gold sparkle adds extra shine, while oversized red glitters brazenly mimic the leaves of the sugar maple." I almost wanted less glitter in this and tried to get less out. I love the base of this color. I need it in a creme!!! This is definitely a polish of fall colors.

Foreseeable Fuchsia: 2 coats is fine but I did a third thin coat for more flakes. "Foreseeable Fuchsia is a rich, purple-leaning fuchsia polish with a blue shimmer set off by gleaming red and pink flakes. This polish may not tell you the future, but you will feel rich with this jewel like polish covering your nails." This is one of those super glowy polishes that just bounces off the nail. I love the blue shimmer against the base and the flakes pop and add to the glow.

Glazed and Confused: 3 thin coats plus top coat. 2 coats for shorter nails because I had very tiny VNL. "Glazed & Confused is a pale, gray-leaning crelly base swimming with color-shifting flakes showing off hues of green, gold, red, orange and blue depending on your viewing angle. A hint of holo completes this shade. This polish will need 2-3 coats to cover most nail lines and can be layered over complementary creams." I love polishes with this base color. I love whites and greys and I love the addition of the super shifting flakes. It shifted so much more in person. I can't wait to matte this one.

Thyme on My Hands: 2 coats. This is a thinner formula so I have some flooding at my cuticles. "Thyme On My Hands is an herb-inspired olive green cream nail polish." I love a KBShimmer creme. I love her fall cremes and I want more. I bet this one will stamp. Also, I keep writing this called Thyme of My Life lol. 

Washed Up: 3 coats. "Washed Up is a faded navy crelly with slight lavender hues. Small copper glitters sparkle like rivets, while navy and blue glitters dance in the denim-inspired base." I totally see denim in this! I love the smaller glitters in this. They are more subdued so this is sparkly without being in your face.

KBShimmer Tri-Level Cuticle Oil. This oil "contains three levels of moisture. This amazing cocktail for your nails and cuticles uses moisturizing oils and humectants to help rehydrate your skin and nails, including: Glycerin, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Mineral Oil."  You can see how they are separated so you shake well before you use it. I applied it to my cuticles and massaged it in. This is a heavy duty oil so it's one I would use after a swatch session or as night.

My favorites are Thyme on My Hands, Bittersweet Symphony, Eyes on the Pies, Foreseeable Fuchsia, Glazed and Confused. What are your favorites?!

This collection, along with the Halloween Trio (which I will share next week) and tri-level cuticle oil launch October 1st, 2020. The polishes retail for $10 and the oil is $7.50.

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