Sunday, January 6, 2019

Alter Ego Bath Bomb with Light

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Listen, I've been sick for like two weeks. So when I found out IPU and PPU would be combined into one weekend, I swore I read it wasn't starting until February. WRONG. And for that, I dearly apologize to Cynthia of Alter Ego. BUT, you still have until tomorrow 1/7 to grab this! And Polish Pickup does combine shipping if you do multiple orders.

Alter Ego Bath Bomb with Light

Each product comes in this container, which was also wrapped in bubble wrap. You can reuse this as well!

Alter Ego Bath Bomb with Light

The bomb is well protected will popcorn stuffing as well. The container is useful as you can choose to crumble the bath bomb in the container if you don't want to use the whole thing.

Alter Ego Bath Bomb with Light

These bombs are HUGE. Each one contains a light inside! You may get a flower, heart, square, or diamond. The light lasts up to 20 hours, and can be turned off. Each bomb weights between 7.5 oz and 9 oz. They are made with unrefined cocoa and shea butter.

Alter Ego Bath Bomb with Light

The scent is a red wine to go with her Polish Pickup shade. It's definitely a fruity tart scent, almost like a sweet Lambrusco. Each product is handmade so they may appear different.

Because I realized yesterday that IPU and PPU are back to the same weekend, I did not get a chance to take a bath. Please check out Jen's review at My Nail Polish Obsession. She has multiple videos of the bath bomb at work and the light that's inside!

Alter Ego Bath Bomb with Light

The bath bomb retails for $7.50 and will be available through Indie Pickup until January 7th. The product will be capped at 100.

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  1. Thank you for your thorough review! Your photos are magnificent!

  2. You get so much for the money. I like the idea crumbling it in the container to spread out the use.


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