Thursday, September 13, 2018

Polish Con Fall 2018, Part 2

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Part two of Polish Con goodness! I'm back with five more brands and their special polishes, deals, and exclusive items. Polish Con is THIS Saturday, September 15, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It looks like it will be a another fun event! I was able to go to Polish Con Brooklyn and Polish Con White Plains, and both were so fun! So now I bring to you more goodies. Don't forget that there will be a Polish Fairy system where you can place orders NOW and have someone shop for you at the event. Don't forget to check out Part One from yesterday.

Ever After: The polishes below will retail for $12. Some may be available after the show (the limited editions), but some are exclusive to the show.

Land of 10,000 Lakes: 2 coats. VIP. This is an aqua teal jelly with lots of blue violet chameleon flakes. There's also an orange shimmer that's much more vibrant in person. It has a lot of holo in it too. There's a lot going on but it works!

minneapolish: 3 coats. Event Exclusive. This is a dusty mauve purple pink creme with lots of silvery violet shimmer, iridescent flakes, and a touch of holo. I love the dustiness to it.

Party at the Marriot: 3 coats. Hotel Guest Exclusive. This is a really cool feature this show. This is a hotel guest exclusive, meaning anyone who booked at the hotel gets this polish! It's gorgeous, It's a brown/bronze loaded with rose gold microflakes, green and pink flakes, copper and bronze glitters, and holo. It's so fall in a bottle. Gorgeous!

You Betcha: 2 coats. LE. This is a dusty deep lilac purple with lots of holo. How I wish the sun were out! There's a little bit of silver shimmer and it's really for purple lovers.

Dontcha Know: 3 coats. LE. Ack! My favorite! I'm currently wearing this with Skol! It's an antiqued yellow gold glitter with flakes and pink UCC flakes. It also appears to have an orange-ish shimmer. I love the complexity of this color. You need it! It's such a cool shade of gold.

Skol!: 3 coats. LE. Lastly, this is the other color I am currently wearing. What can I say? It's another excellent fall color. It's a crimson jelly (so layer it if you don't want any VNL) with flakes of every color and bits of holo. It's stunning. I knew I would love this color just on the bottle.

KBShimmer: KBShimmer will have an excellent show special of $8 per polish. There will be a free multichrome bag with purchase. She will also have $5 top and base coats! Also, KBShimmer is basically the only brand where the sun came out, so bonus for you! The VIP will only be in the VIP bag but the other two polishes will be available after the show if there are any overpours.

Gopher It: 2 coats plus top coat. Exclusive. Christy's alma mater is the Golden Gophers. This is a super linear multichrome holo. As you will see, there's shifts to green, orange, and gold. The holo is so linear and it is super flashy in the sun.


Wowwwww! This is in the direct sun!

As I moved to indirect sun and shade, you'll see the shifts to the other colors!

Ice Ice Fishing: 3 coats plus top coat. Exclusive. This nod to the Minnesota lakes reminds us of how cold Minnesota gets. The thermal is an icy blue silver base in its warm state and changes to a deep midnight blue. There's lots of holo sparkle in this thermal.

Purple Reign: 2 coats plus top coat. Between the Vikings and Prince, purple is a Minnesota color. This purple has a violet shimmer (check out the sun shots!!) and lots of holo.

Just look at that shimmah!

Native War Paints: The polishes below show their show pricing, and after the show, prices will be one dollar more on their site.

My New Sweater: 2 coats plus top coat. LE. $10. This deep teal has lots of shifting shimmer. I've shown the polishes inside and in cloudy skies. I find that shimmers show in the shade. Like I mentioned yesterday, by the time some polishes showed up, we have rain and clouds. 

Behzig: 2 coats plus top coat. $10. VIP LE. I should have done a third coat for this polish, since I have some VNL.  This fuchsia has a super strong green to gold shimmer.

Niizh: 3 coats. $10. VIP LE. This is a deep cerulean with a golden green shimmer. It showed a little VNL at two coats, so I slapped on a third. 

Pink Skyline: 2 coats plus top coat. $11. LE. This pink is loaded with bright blue shimmer and lots of holo. It's so sparkly!

Broke Again: 2 coats plus top coat. $12. LE. This is my favorite of the group. It's a dusty denim blue with copper shimmer, holo sparkle, and aurora shimmer.

Verbana: 2 coats plus top coat. $12. LE. This is a vibrant royal purple that leans a bit blue! It has shifting shimmers and a touch of holo. It's so bright!

Sassy Sauce Polishes: The polishes below will retail for $10 and there will be a variety of items at her booth.

Whole Lotta Lakes: 3 coats plus top coat.$10. I think most of the brands have a lake inspired polishes because of Minnesota's many lakes! This is a muddy brown to bright green thermal, loaded with a variety of flakes.

Holy Twine Ball: 2 coats plus top coat. $10. I've heard about the giant ball of twine! It's a funny thing to see. This color is a golden crelly (but pulls more taupe on me) with sparse rainbow and bronze flakes.

 Skipping on the Skyway: 2 coats plus top coat. $10. This turquoise has pink shimmer and color shifting flakes. It's inspired by the Minneapolis Skyway system that connects 80 city blocks. WHOA!

Tonic Polish: The polish below will be available in the VIP bag.

First Kiss: 2 coats plus Tonic Topper top coat. This is the VIP polish that will be available in the VIP bags. It is a dusty mauve polish with a strong turquoise shimmer. It's inspired by the First Kiss apple.

I hope you enjoyed this preview of some of the special polishes at the event!

Polish Con is THIS Saturday, September 15. The event will take place from 2pm-6pm at the Marriott Minneapolis Airport in Bloomington, MN. This is across the street from the Mall of America!

Tickets are available in a variety of tiers ranging from free to $125 for VIP experiences. Head to the Polish Convention website for all the information. 

Products in the post were provided for honest opinion.

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  1. Too many beauties!! My faves here are Gopher It and Skol

    1. Great pics! Did you grab any through the fairy system?

  2. This is such a stunning collection. I love your swatches too

    1. The makers knocked it out of the park for this polish con!

  3. Fabulous swatches. Thank you for sharing all of the pretties.

    1. Glad I could provide some much needed shopping decisions haha

  4. Need all the KB Shimmers and that TONIC! Wow!

  5. So many great choices!!! I'd be so broke at PC. I love the first three and then the first holo KB the most

  6. I kept scrolling thinking “oh this is my favorite, wait, no this one! No, this one!” Haha, seriously, they’re all so beautiful.

  7. There are so many I want. These are just gorgeous.

  8. My favorite is Broke Again! I love the bluish gray vibe

  9. Oh man, I want so many of these! Even the thermals!

  10. I had to laugh at Broke Again because by the time I got to that specific set of swatches, I was already saying geez, I'd be broke with this show! So many gorgeous polishes!

  11. The Native Wars Paints shimmer! Oooo!

  12. Gopher It and Purple Reign show why KB Shimmer is always at the top of the polish game.

  13. I had so much fun at Polishcon yesterday. I picked up Gopherit and a few others. Totally blew my budget but I have no regrets.

  14. I went wild and grabbed so many of these!


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