Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Polish Con Fall 2018, Part 1

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Good morning! Today and tomorrow I'll be sharing a ton of polishes! I'm one of the Polish Con Fall 2018 official bloggers, so I hope to provide you with as much information on the polishes available, pricing, and more! I have broken up the posts as to not overwhelm you. Please post any questions in the comments!

Aurora 5 Free Nail Lacquer: The polishes at the show will be 2 for $18, or one for $9.75 (tax included). After the show, depending on what is leftover, polishes will be $9 on her web site. The names of these polishes are perfectly punny!

Mani-apolis: 2 coats. This is the VIP bag polish, but a very limited amount will be available after. This is a true duochrome polish, shifting from tones of blue to purple (to represent the Twin Cities). It's also loaded with holo but it doesn't distract from the duochrome color. So glowy.

Mani-sota: 1-2 coats,  but I did two because I wanted the shine and the bling, so this depends on your mood. Again, any leftovers will be on the site, but no more will be made. This could be worn on its own in 3-4 coats, depending on nail length, but I loved this pair together! It's an almost matching glitter topper with shifting blue to purple glitters, holo, and just so much sparkle.

I had to see how this looked matte, and it's gorgeous, as I suspected. I feel like the ice queen wearing this!

Bee's Knees Lacquer: Prices will vary based on polish, but there are some show deals with price breaks on many favorites, mystery polishes, and more. They posted a full shopping list with prices in the Polish Con Facebook group, so check it out!

The Soap Factory: 2 coats. $10. This is one of three Limited Editions from the brand, which was inspired by Minnesotan Urban Legends! Their description goes as "sparkly, almost ethereal pink with gold to orange to red iridescent flakes and in complete contrast to the ghostly spirit that is supposed to haunt this place." I feel like the shade of pink will be determined based on your skin tone. It is totally dreamy.

Only one day of swatching provided minimal sun, so I was able to get this one, and I mean only one photo of The Soap Factory in the sun. But you get the picture of how holo it is!

The flakes are truly beautiful!

Peppie: 2 coats plus top coat. $15. Another LE for the show. This is a green jelly base loaded with blue to green to purple shifting flakes and blue to green UP sibling pigment. It's another glowy polish, and my favorite of the four special colors. I wish I had matted this; you know it's going to be amazing!

Squatching Around: 2 coats plus top coat. This is the VIP polish and will not be available for purchase, as far as I know. The maker calls it a raspberry base, but I almost see it as a muddled blueberry base! It has a vibrant multichrome shimmer and holo flakes.

Wendigo: 3 coats plus top coat. $10. This is a chocolate brown based polish, but like The Soap Factory, what color it pulls is dependent on skin tone. On me, it pulls more beige. Wendigo is loaded with blue, violet, gold, and green shimmers. It's so many shimmers in one polish!

Blush Lacquer: The below polishes retail (or have a retail value of) for $13. Any leftover polishes will be available at a later date. Her theme is "Glamping in Minnesota" inspired by the wildlife and wilderness of Minnesota.

Doves And Does: 2 coats plus top coat. This polish is solely a gift with purchase polish (a retail value of $13). I actually put this back on after I swatched it and wore it for a few days! It's a greige based polish loaded with orange microflakes, green and gold shimmer, and holo. I wish I had the sun to take pictures, but time was against me. I did add shade pictures of each shade to show off the complexity.

Thistle Bouquet: 2 coats plus top coat. Limited Edition. This is described as a mauve pink base, but it's pulling like icy pink on me! It's SUPER holo, with holo microflakes, holo shimmer, and gold holo glitters. So sparkly.

Fireflies Under An Indigo Sky: 2 coats plus top coat. Limited Edition. ACK! Do NOT skip out on this one. It's just stunning. As the name states, it's a deep indigo navy, with blue microflakes, holo flakes and glitter, some gold sparkle. It's a night sky that I wish I could see!

Caribou Crossing: 2 coats plus top coat. Exclusive. This is a cool color! It's a deep espresso base with shifting shimmers. I see pink, gold, bronze, green. Then there is holo, holo flakes, shimmers. It's really complex and beautiful. It transforms in the shade.

As I mentioned above, this transforms in the shade and you can see the rainbow effect of the polish!

Bohemian: The polishes will range from $10 to $12. There will be limited availability on 10/1 on her website.

You're A-Maize-ing: 3 coats. $10. So my heads up for all these polishes is that I have very opaque free edge, meaning my nails are very "white" so the polishes show off my nail. If you have shorter nails, the three coats will work for you. This is an homage to the largest corn maze in Minnesota. This is perfect for fall and reminds me of sunflowers. It's a jelly holo, so there's definitely sparkle.

Fresh to Depth: 3 coats. $10. The is inspired by Minnesota being the land of 10,000 lakes. It's a metallic scattered holo and reminds me of blue water, so it makes total sense!

Lingon Me: 3 coats. $10. YESSS, I think of Lingonberry Jam from Ikea haha. Apparently, Minnesota has a large Scandinavian population, so this color was inspired by the berries they use in their cooking. It's spot on. It's like a deep but vibrant red with scattered holo.

Fieldskol: 3 coats. $13. VIP polish. This was inspired by the Vikings fans' shouting SKOL. It's a purple jelly packed with purple to blue aurora shimmer. The shimmer absolutely glows

So there you have some brands with loads of offerings of special polishes! I'll be back tomorrow with more brands. Did you know that Polish Con has a "Polish Fairy" offering this year?! The form is on the Polish Con site. You can order any of the exclusives and special polishes through the fairy form!

Polish Con is THIS Saturday, September 15. The event will take place from 2pm-6pm at the Marriott Minneapolis Airport in Bloomington, MN. This is across the street from the Mall of America!

Tickets are available in a variety of tiers ranging from free to $125 for VIP experiences. Head to the Polish Convention website for all the information. 

Products in the post were provided for honest opinion.

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  1. 3 gorgeous collections! I’m wearing bohemian polish now, Makin’ Bacon Pancakes, from a past PolishCon, and Lingon Me is my fave from that brand. Blush Lacquer’s Caribou Crossing wins for me!

    1. It’s actually four brands! But it’s a lot of information. They’ve created gorgeous special polishes!

  2. It's great to see PolishCon going strong! I hate that I'm going to miss it this weekend but stuff happened that I just wasn't able to plan for ahead of time. Love seeing all the polishes!

    1. Yes! They’ve already announced the next one too in NOLA! I wasn’t able to make it this time either.

  3. Ooh Peppie is really pretty, definitely my favourite from these swatches! The other Bee’s Knees are great too

    1. Peppie is amazing. The flakes and shimmer are 👌👌

  4. Any nail polish with sparkle has got my attention!

  5. The Soap Factory and Caribou Crossing are my top favorites. Im excited I will be able to get these even though Im not going!

  6. Great swatches as always! I got a few of these in my fairy order, but i’m kind of digging that mustard Bohemian!

  7. I would love to attend this show and be able to buy these fabulous polishes. My favorite collection is Blush but both Bees Knees and Bohemian have shades I'd buy. Love these!!!

  8. These are all lovely, but You're A-Maize-ing has really grabbed my attention. I'm so ready for autumn right now, obviously!

  9. Thank goodness I have a fairy to pick up some of these for me. I definitely am putting a few of these on my list for her. :)

  10. First off, great job on all those pics! Soap Factory turned out be my fave! What a stunner.

  11. These swatches are gorgeous, Michelle! <3

  12. Manisota is awesome!! I love how it looks matte as well

  13. Oh my goodness1 SO much prettiness! :) I don't feel like I have heard of Aurora, but those are lovely. Oh and the Bees Knees Lacquer one!

  14. Bee’s Knees Lacquer Squatching Around is such an amazingly gorgeous shade, I hate that it’s not going to be available to purchase. Blush Lacquer’s Doves and Does would be the PERFECT shade for brides. When I hear Caribou Crossing I immediately think of Polar Express lol. The Bohemian Polish Fieldskol shade of purple is soooo stunning. You did such amazing swatches that I liked them all but those were the ones that really caught my eye!

  15. wow! These are all incredible! Your swatches are gorgeous!


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